Moving swashbucklers

I have an inner cabin on my ship cabin. I use it for storing things. I (apparently foolishly) gave access to another person who needed somewhere. My key sigils seem to have decayed, which went unnoticed because I very very RARELY go into that inner cabin.

 I entered realms today to find all my swashbucklers chillin' in my inner cabin. No amount of wheedling, begging, pleading, or ordering would get them to go OUT into the ship proper, nor did they seem inclined to wander that way on their own. I neither want nor need them guarding a room that essentially nobody can get into; they should be on the deck and bow. 

tl;dr, please either make CALL FOR HELP move them ala city guard (which is essentially their function on a ship), or allow them to be ORDERED to move by owner/captain only. 



  • Yeah, I bugged this awhile back, and I can't have been the only one.  I kind of wish I didn't have a cabin, for this very reason.
  • OceanaOceana North Sea
    @Anaidiana It seems your swashbucklers were NOT moving. Your post title is confusing! ;)
  • They know the good stuff's in the Captain's Quarters, and they will NEVER LEAVE.  
  • "Hell no we won't go...yarr!"
  • Day 8 of the Occupy the Cabin movement. 

    No demands have yet been received. Two swashbucklers did gradually meander out to the quarterdeck, likely in search of fresh air (plugging up the door and nailing the window shut from the outside has that effect). The third is either very stubborn or dead. 

  • There's always one... The others eventually left the cabin, and came back whenever they pleased, but one wouldn't leave until the ship went into drydock.  Stubborn lot.
  • Sinking the ship would have solved your problemin a lot less time.
  • @kinilan Thanks, but no thanks :)

  • Too close to home ;)
  • Just think of it as a salt water cleanse for your ship!
  • Hopefully they fix the real bug in all this and let crew accept rum.
    You close your eyes momentarily and extend the range of your vision, seeking out the presence of Drugs. 
    Though too far away to accurately perceive details, you see that Drugs is in Mhaldor.
  • When Peyton gets sacked and actually has to leave the field... IN A SACK... We will see where they stand.

  • Is anyone really a Raiders fan?

  • thread, she has been hijacked....

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