Addition to New Creditsale Function

I actually do have a requested addition to the fairly new organizational creditsale system, as the current "social engineering" through gifted credits got me thinking...  Allow org leaders to use might as a criterion as well, with the intent that it be used to allow more liberal credit purchases by people below a certain might (perhaps even if they are fairly low ranking in the organization).    


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    I think the new minimum activity level takes care of that :) I definitely agree that it would be a terrible waste to give credits to players who were going to poof from the game entirely.  Right now the system seems to be stacked to favor high-ranked (and often also already fairly high might) players. Usually *very* established players all around.  I wouldn't mind if the (probably youngish) beneficiaries of these credits decided to stick around in *my* org, I just hope to keep them as players.

    EDIT:  Oh, and I also wouldn't mind if admin made all org credits bound only, to prevent us from putting them on the market.  I've done it.  I don't consider it evil.  It'd be silly not to so long as the option is available, but maybe it shouldn't be.  That way, all of the credits really would tend to be used for actual skill buffing!    
  • You can set credits to be sold to house rank 1 and 2 members of your house. The perms also allow the purchase of bound credits only and not unbound ones.

    So you need to speak to your house leaders and ask if they're willing to implement that.
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    Blanket 1 and 2 would actually be overly inclusive :/

    The goal would be to help the sort of guy who maybe *doesn't* have the ear/attention of "someone important", but is a fairly long term member in good standing who clearly can't afford to buy lots of credits.  

    Oh, and would like to see city credits handled similarly.  In essence, we have a meritocracy right now, which is valid, and a great way of encouraging people to contribute (and make sure that they are seen contributing), but there is probably room for the sort of player I'm talking about to be given a little boost.  
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    I buy credits from my city and generally donate them as a prize for some city arena game or give them to some promising novice. Being forced to buy bound credits takes away an aspect of the game that lets me contribute back in a small way.
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