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I'm looking for lesson ideas that are appropriate for elementary students

MannimarMannimar Member Posts: 990 @ - Epic Achaean
So I work in an elementary after school program, and we run a few curriculum with them: math, science, English, and special activities like art, drama, and other fun things. Now, my location has the pleasure of being the smallest running program, so small that I have to work with all age groups at once. On top of having an incompetent supervisor who mostly buys art supplies and doesn't advocate on our behalf. This winds up in me running out of supplies for our provided curriculum. I've started putting together an alternative curriculum for these situations. Science activities out of everyday items, math games with a deck of cards, ect. 

This is mainly directed at you teacher types, but if you have any lessons that you would be willing to share, websites, Pinterest posts, anything at all, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm okay with making small investments, so spending a little money won't be too problematic.

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  • ArditiArditi Member Posts: 841 @ - Epic Achaean
    Have the kids take turns picking a body part and a number. They then have to draw monsters that have that many parts, I.e, three eyes, twelve fingers, a bajillion hairs.

  • AchimrstAchimrst NatureMember Posts: 3,608 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I always liked the simple things, construction paper and scissors to create something like Oragami or a fun thing I did once with some kindergartners was have them make paper air planes and teach them about science that way. Oh  a rube goldberg machine! Those are so fun to do and they are science based as well!

    If you do the paper airplanes make sure you make them with FLAT NOSES!!! Those brats will throw them at each other! Make it a contest too!!! Who ever makes the best airplane that goes the farthest although I never liked making it a contest but if it's something fun they will like go for it.

    But srsly, the Rube Goldberg is boss kids love it.
  • AchimrstAchimrst NatureMember Posts: 3,608 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Alright I was tired last night so I didn't get to finish. Simple things to make Rube Goldbergs are!

    Kinex - lego things
    Pretty much anything!

    The fun is having them make their own most will just stack dominoes and push them over. FYI.
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