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I'm newbie mcnewberson, having not played a MUD since middle school, which was almost 13 years ago (!), & had a few roleplay questions. I was idly wondering whether there are any OOC clans devoted to scheming about RP - essentially, what can I do to make my character's life harder in an entertaining/engaging way? Or is this generally an individual pursuit?

I should say that I am 100% in favor of and excited about organic and spontaneous roleplay, and I also realize it takes time to build a character up (I know I can't force it right away, as new as I am - I have so many basic questions and game mechanics to work out). So that's how I'll go about it for the foreseeable future. But sometimes it might be fun to say, hey, who wants to RP a Shackleton-esque trip up north, or a cross-factional run-in at a bar in small village, or allied city/house person giving overbearing advice about training of novices, or whatever.

I don't know, maybe this just isn't the culture, and I can see that some of it can be done IC. But I'm just curious if it happens. Do any of you pre-arrange loose plots/conspire with other players to shake things up for your characters? Has it worked out/not worked out?


  • Most of the Houses would have some kind of OOC clan which are open to discussion of RP methods, general shenanigans and how to work your combat system. I would say to look around and join a House if you're set, then eventually you'll probably get invited into the clan (some Houses include it as part of their newbie setup to help things along). See how you go.
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  • I've played on and off for ~10 years and never encountered player-planned RP to any real degree (parties or shows notwithstanding), but that's not to say that it isn't there.
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    I suppose it couldn't hurt to send an OOC message to people asking if they're up for that and take it from there. Actually, thanks for the inspiration!
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