IronCon video


  • (And yes, that's the best of the three images YouTube let me choose from for the video.)
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Oh wow. It really looked like so much fun and I wish I could have gone!
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    Twas amazing! (Also, to those who might start watching and think it's all pictures - there's lots of video in there after a couple minutes of photos.)
  • I love it! My favorite parts are by far the karaoke shots - @Valnurana rocking it up with "I Like Big Butts", and watching @Sarapis sing Cee Lo Green. Sad I missed the first night, but so happy I went. :)
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  • I loved the testimonials from people. I would love to see a promo video for each game with real players giving testimonials. Really gave me the sense that Achaea (and the other games) matters.
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  • Wait, the other games matter? Huh.
  • I do intend to put together videos with fuller interviews with players when I have time, but that probably won't be for a couple of weeks.

  • My husband and I really want to go next year (I'll bring Gloom and my xpacs for it!) and this video made me want to go even more. Awesome video... the motorboat at the end... that cheered me up- so unexpected XD

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