a bundle of thin twigs, from the last Bazaar

It is the new awesome informal gambling tool added in Achaea now alongside the good old ivory dice and simple coin flipping. It has an issue though. It always has five twigs to pull from. It can have many uses, drawing to see who'll be the (un)lucky person that will go for a suicide mission or lose his/her head next or be used as a bait or whatever, but realistically to have a group of exactly five when such decision must be made is unlikely. 

Also, in a RL corresponding situation it wouldn't be an issue to remove a twig or two if there were fewer people to draw them. My suggestion is to modify this item a bit so that groups of 3, 4, 5 and 6 people can use it with equal chances. Off the top of my head, with no knowledge of what happens behind the scenes, I'd say it could be something like: DROP TWIGS 3/4/5/6 defining the number of players or REMOVE/TURN/PUSH TWIGS to lessen the twigs that can be pulled or loop it allowing people to draw till the first person to pull a twig pulls again, but if something else is more feasible then so be it. 

It is a good item as it is, but it will become great if this change is made. I know I will make it non-decay right away and resetting soon after (I wouldn't want to have a thief snatch it under my nose when I drop it to use it!), I guess more people that bought it in the Bazaar might follow.

I was going to submit it through the in game IDEA system, but I'd like to see if people(/and admins that have the final say after all) support or oppose this before I turn mine non-decay.
So, achaeans, what do you think? 
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