MUSHclient scripting help

Got a bit of a problem with something. I'm setting my system up again after accidently deleting it and having to resort to using an old copy. I've installed okay but come to this error everytime I load up MUSH, obv something happen system side that is wrong. Here's a copy of the error plus the lua file in question.

Now I know it says I need a } at line 38, am I just that blind? 

Any help would be much appreciated!


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    I know this is a bit late, but whatever. ;)

    You are best off asking these question about scripting at the MUSHclient forum.

    The error message mentions a problem at line 40.

                   [8] = { name = "reflection",
                                           activate = "cast reflection at me"     <----- missing comma here
                                           bal_free = false,
                            },   <--- this is line 40

    Looks to me like you left out a comma two lines up, see how the other lines have commas after them?

    You have a similar problem a couple of lines further down.

    There also seems to be a "}" too few near the end, between lines 59 and 60 of your pastebin file.
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