I'm still having some trouble working out my system on the default client. I've done several searches and I can't seem to find any references on how to use some of the commands:

wait or sleep or delay

any input would help, thanks.


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    Get a real client. #mudlet

    ETA: Sorry, it's late. While the default client is great(ish), there are many clients with more verbose options in terms of programmming them, as well as better documentation and support. The Mudlet client is a cross-platform client that works well on Mac, Windows, and even Linux, as well as having a very powerful scripting language. You can find it at, and the documentation for it is mostly at There is also an Achaean clan of 'mudlet', for users of mudlet, with over 600 current active members.
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    Hi @Mordric!

    The HTML5 client uses javascript for its scripting, check out for a quick primer on the basic operators!

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    When will it be iPhone friendly? If planned.

    I want JS scripting. Stupid LUA.
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    Should auto-redirect to a low-resolution client on iPhone already!
  • @Tecton somtimes it does sometimes it doesn't.

    Also, the client crashed on my iPad last time I tried it when I turned it sideways on accident.  Where should this be sent to?
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    If you could use the the feedback form in the client's setting windows, it'll get sent to the whole team.
  • @Tecton: I'm afraid I never been able to use it.

    The best would certainly be a mobile App. But with the Apple licence price, not certain it would be done one day.
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