Music that brings Achaea to mind

Hey Everyone! I have been wanting to start this topic for awhile, so finally getting to it. Not sure about you, but do you ever hear a song and it brings out all those Achaean thoughts inside of you? I sure do. Sometimes it reminds me of a specific person that I see a lot while I am listening to the song, or it reminds me of an event. I'll post a few examples below. Just write what song, and maybe a youtube video of it, and then who/what it reminds you of. Maybe even why if you want. I don't know, I found this interesting because it happens quite a bit to me.


  • Pompeii - Bastille
     This one for some reason reminds me of the fall of Shallam, and rise of Targossas. Especially the line where it says.. And the walls came tumbling down in this city that we loooove.. It's a great song, I really enjoy it.
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