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Hey everybody! Just sitting on Achaea right now, whilst playing Xbox live and wondering.. who else from Achaea plays on live? So if you do, post your ign here so we can all connected and play together if you'd like... I'm the Duckgutter. Yes the name is quite weird, But who doesn't like gutting ducks? 


  • I....I do not like gutting ducks.
  • Hahah :P Me neither
  • Zuko is, instead, a gutter full of ducks.
  • Sorry bro... I like ducks. 

  • I like ducks too..--duckface--
    ((Wanted to put a picture of a mallard right here but pics never work for  me >.>)
  • Recently created a new gamer profile as most of my internet stuff is under Elaina Etienne these days, took forever to get a name combination but here it is:




    If you add me would appreciate a little note to tell me who you are!


    Elaina x

  • Achimrst said:
    Sorry bro... I like ducks. 


    Considering that the operation of the Hammerbots is dependent on a central overlord system(the one that Whiplash was using to manipulate them), as well as having surveillance capabilities, the analogy is so very apt.

  • My xbox live is Maykindfire I mostly just play minecraft and Halo 4

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