[Mudlet] Saracen for Achaea

This is to announce the release of Saracen (pre-release) version 1.0 for Achaea.

Saracen is an advanced and highly capable system for those users wishing to make a wide range of activity within Achaea much simpler and more streamlined.

At this stage, Saracen's curing functions are not enabled. Should you seek a curing system, you have a number of options available, though the system I recommend for Mudlet is Vadi's 'SVO' system: http://svo.vadisystems.com/

The features that Saracen does provide, however, are listed below:

* A fully functional user interface, proving a huge range of features and data.

   Including, but not limited to:

      A channel capture window that will display all tells from clans, orgs, tells, says, etc. This requires absolutely no work on your part.
      It 'just works' for all your channels, utilising GMCP to ensure every channel is correctly processed.

      A map window element which will quickly and effectively display either a 2D or 3D map of your local area.
      As per the Mudlet functionality, this element is highly configurable to your liking.

      A simple title bar displaying character information.

      A status bar displaying our current selected target, system status and queue actions.

      A room items element. This will update all room items in real time, mobs included.
      Configurable so that you can colour those more important items. Currently, Saracen will display mobs in red,
      'important' items in yellow and everything else in white.

      A player info element. This will display characters in our local area. Currently only works from fullsense but other abilities in
      Achaea can be added extremely quickly.
      (Will also correctly update from the new GMCP player info keys).
      Warning labels. Very easily add highly visible warning labels. All labels stack neatly much like 'Growl' notifications.

      Clickable user interface elements. Saracen's UI is highly responsive, giving us the option to make quick changes to the available
      features with just a single click.

* A fully automated area walker.

   With a simple click, Saracen will path through an entire local area, ensuring you enter all rooms in as few moves as possible.
* An automated bashing system.

   Again, with a simple click, Saracen will path through an area, killing all mobs. The system will require that you enter a command to
   continue the process so that the system falls in line with IRE policies.
* A highly effective and combat-ready queueing system.

   With Saracen, you can very quickly and easily add queued functions to the system via the API. All actions have multiple arguments
   associated with them, enabling us to specify whether an action requires or consumes any sort of balance. It is also possible to specify
   whether an action should be repeated. Comes with a 'guarantee', where should you queue an item, Saracen will 100% ensure that
   the action was completed. (Requires a trigger adding, though support is provided for this).

* A persistent settings system

   All essential data that you add to the system will remain saved through updates. Including but not limited to things like additional
   mobs to the bashing table, toggles and user added stylesheets.
* Failsafe system.

   There are times when you wish to script a command and ensure it does not get resent within a specific time period. With the failsafe
   system available in Saracen, this becomes extremely trivial to implement into your own scripts.
* System echoes.

   Saracen comes complete with a wide range of methods to echo text to the output window in a fancy fashion to ensure those most
   important situations and actions can be easily seen.
* Additional functions.

   Saracen comes complete with a huge range of pre-defined functions to use in your own scripts. (Over 100 in total).
* GMCP support.

   Support for the GMCP protocol with Saracen is extremely comprehensive. Should there be a key or event for a GMCP packet,
   Saracen will parse it.
* Toggles system.

   Such is the case that, at times, you require to do more than simply set a variable to check whether something is enabled or not.
   With the included toggles system, this task is made simple.
* User interface themes.

   Saracen comes included with a selection of stylesheets should you wish to change the theme of the user interface. Simply click
   the uppermost element to cycle through the available themes.
* Highlighting support.

   Whether you seek to highlight a single word, a whole sentence, or an entire paragraph, Saracen makes this very simple.
* Vitals change display.

   Saracen has the option to display changes to your character vitals. If our health, mana, etc should change, the system will
   echo the change onto the prompt in a neat and tidy fashion.
* Automatic cache maintenance.

   With a simple alias, Saracen will purchase all herbs and refills from a shop, filling up to the limit specified.
* Area echoes.

   Saracen will display our local area, tagged onto the end of the room name.
* New area echoes.

   Saracen will display an unobtrusive echo when you enter a new area, displaying the area name.
* Random stuff.

   Numerous failsafes and random triggers in place for things like automatic eating on hunger, autolearning, network latency
   tracking, clan addons, etc.
* Combat alerts.

   Saracen comes complete with a wide range of combat alerts, warning us of imminent danger and those more important
* Numpad movement.

   Quickly and easily move around via your keyboard numpad.

Saracen comes complete with extensive support options. All users have access to email, Skype, AIM, MSN, IRC,
Facebook and telephone.

Saracen costs sixty credits to purchase. Alternatively, you may pay in cash. The cost should you choose
this option is twenty five US dollars.

The system will continue to be developed for the foreseeable future. Should there be any feature requests, please feel
free to suggest them.

Contact details:

New sales: sales at pharanyx.com - Please provide the character that you wish to use the system on. Note: Saracen will
work on one character only. You may purchase Saracen for an alt for the price of twenty credits. Alternatively,
alt systems cost eight US dollars.

Sales enquiries: martin at pharanyx.com

Support: (Existing customers only): saracen at pharanyx.com
   IRC: Connect to the Freenode network with your favourite client and join channel #saracen-beta
   Skype: phasma77
   MSN: fetaera
   AIM: fetaera
   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fetaera
   Telephone: By request only.
Bug reports and feature requests: martin at pharanyx.com

If there are any questions, if you might kindly contact me via one of the above methods rather than post on this
thread, that would be great.

Kind regards,

Innovate or Die.


  • Caeya said:
    This is to announce the release of Saracen (pre-release) version 1.0 for Achaea.


    At this stage, Saracen's curing functions are not enabled.

    Saracen costs sixty credits to purchase. Alternatively, you may pay in cash. The cost should you choose
    this option is twenty five US dollars.

    60 credits for a pre-release system with no curing functions? KThxBai
    Hiroma tells you, "I just got to listen to someone complain about your deadly axekick being the bane of their existence."
    Archdragon Mizik Corten, Herald of Ruin says, "Man, that was a big axk."
    Hellrazor Cain de Soulis, Sartan's Hammer says, "Your [sic] a beast."
  • The functions available in Saracen provide utility aside of what is normally available in a curing system. Saracen will quite happily sit on top of any system and act as expected. While the curing functions are currently disabled, the features that Saracen does provide are most definitely worth the cost. There are dozens of customers using the system that can attest to this.

    Not every system is about curing, my friend.

    Whilst, yes, this is considered a pre-release, it has gone through nearly two months of beta testing. The system is stable and working.
    Innovate or Die.
  • Bit late now, but I'll get some screenshots and sample logs/videos of the system in action tomorrow.
    Innovate or Die.
  • Can I assume this system is for Mudlet only? You didn't make it clear up-front which client you're targeting with this.
  • Sounds cool to me
  • edited June 2013
    * An automated bashing system.

       Again, with a simple click, Saracen will path through an area, killing all mobs. The system will require that you enter a command to
       continue the process so that the system falls in line with IRE policies.  make a simple trigger to fully automate this process.

    this is an atrocity
  • Quick screenshot for now. I'll get some logs made up later.


    There's just a small few bugs I am working through at this stage that magically appeared during porting.

    Thanks to all who have purchased Saracen so far.

    Should there be any questions about the system, please do not hesitate to contact me using the details on the first post.

    Innovate or Die.
  • Akali said:
    make a simple trigger to fully automate this process.
    This is actually completely incorrect. The genrunner/bashing system is not only fully GMCP/event based, but some of the functions are obfuscated. It actually uses no triggers whatsoever.

    Thought best to point that out. :)
    Innovate or Die.
  • Few small updates. If there are any requests of a similar nature, please let me know.

    * Player data window now updates from DEMON/ANGEL PRESENCES.
    * Channel capture table edited to reflect party tells.
    * Channel capture will now correctly append says in all forms.
    Innovate or Die.
  • "the system will require that you enter a command"

    could be scripted
  • Aye, basically, the functions will path you through an area. Whether you actually hit anything is dependent on two things. Firstly, it is required that you have the mob name present in the configuration and secondly, you must press a key to actually start the bashing process.
    Innovate or Die.
  • Akali said:

    could be scripted

    The kinds of people who could script their way around this to make it 100% automated are people who could quite simply write their own identical functions.
    Innovate or Die.
  • Hmmm. Well, good luck with your project anyway.
  • Akali said:
    Hmmm. Well, good luck with your project anyway.
    Aye, thanks.
    Innovate or Die.
  • How long do you intend to continue developing this system? How long will you continue maintaining it? How long will you continue supporting users who purchase it? What guarantees can you make concerning continued support/development/maintenance?
  • Oh holy Hells! Martin! I did not realize...

    I might buy this now just to support you. Would still like to hear your answers on my ^ questions.
  • Hey, yeah. The system has been in active devleopment in Lusternia for a long, long time now. There are dozens of users over there who are more than happy with the system.

    While it is true that I do not really play here, please do not let that put you off with regards to support and continued development. To be honest, most of the cost for the system is down to the support I offer with it. 95% of the code is clearly visible should you wish to make your own changes, but in those instances where that is not possible, I'm just a message away.

    I've been playing Iron Realms since 2004 and have no intentions of leaving anytime soon! :)

    New features are being added all the time. Such is my available time that new stuff is being added pretty much daily. Updates are available directly from my server so there is never any issues with upgrades, etc.

    Finally, my main reason for making the system available here is so I can actually start playing! I'm not in any position to purchase credits with cash, so this is the next best option for me.

    Thanks for the interest! I hope that answers your questions and if there are any more, please do feel free to probe.

    Innovate or Die.
  • Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. While the system will indeed run standalone, should you have Vadi's SVO system, Saracen will take full advantage of the fact and disable/enable features as necessary. This includes things like the affliction window. (Will display all current affs along with times for how long each aff has been present on us).

    Innovate or Die.
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