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appreciate the work

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6/07/19:06 Your bug report (detail: In Minia, in the Imp tower, when a player 
gives a pixie to the Imp Lord, other players in the room see the line, "Tossing 
a bag of gold at you, the Imp Lord cackles and returns to glaring about the 
throne room." It should show, "Tossing a bag of gold to <the other player name>, 
...") - has been fixed.

I just want to say thanks for the quick response by devs. From minor things like this to the steady stream of updates that have happened over the years that I have been in and out of the game, it all contributes to a really, really cool game. +grattitude

I can't believe Achaea has become what it is today from where it started. It is inspiring me to pursue other projects of my own and that's pretty cool

Nice job, @Sarapis and everyone else who has put hard work into delivering a great gaming experience


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