Monster Hunting

Hello all,

I'm pretty sure there are people on Achaea that also play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, so this thread is to share our NNIDs and get together for some hardcore bashing!

NNID: Khalas

  • Khalas (Port HR3. Village HR8) - Most proficient with hammers and switch-axes.
  • Siduri (Port HR1, Village HR2) - Rookie archer in leather armor!
Hope to see you all soon!



  • The nearest to that I did was playing Monster Hunter on a PS2 emulator. Was fun, but short-lived (forgot about it until now).

    League of Legends: IA ROCKS (NA)
    Guild Wars 2: erasariel.1532 - Devona's Rest (NA)
    Final Fantasy XIV: Novi Selea - Cactuar (NA)
    Achaea: Erasariel (duh!)
  • With the release of MH4U on the 3DS, I'm throwing this out here for those interested to come join the hunt in online multiplayer:
    Friend Code : 2723-9047-1863 (Karu)

    My current character is Siduri, a charge-axe specialist!

  • Heh I'm rather awful at MH4. This is my first play of the franchise and I'm a dual blade spinning 
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