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Now that I've spent about a week getting used to everything again, I've decided to switch to Mudlet and start this seemingly painful process of getting used to it. I kepe seeing these amazing GUIs for it, but I've had no luck in finding anything. I have absolutely no clue how to even begin making my own (I'm barely able to make simple keybinds and aliases at this point) and I was wondering where I might find some GUIs to hold me over till I can begin even attempting to make my own down the road.


  • You could check the mudlet forums. There's at least one there called "Achaea Fancy GUI", which is designed to look like the old flash client interface; not sure how up to date it is. I think @Akaya also put together a package for a more easily customisable one.
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    Yeah I downloaded the Achaea Fancy GUI earlier. For some reason though the bars don't work.
  • Enable GMCP
  • Nope no luck. Already had GMCP enabled. Tried switching it off and resetting, then turning it back on. Still no luck.
  • Check the Error window.

    If you don't know where that is: In the Trigger/Alias/Script... Editor window. You will see a red ! click it and a box should appear on the bottom to the right a little bit. You should be able to see what is causing it to go wrong there.
  • Ah, I had this issue before with that GUI, but I forgot what I did to make them work when I had it.
    Hrm, will hazard a guess, have you checked that all your prompts are showing? CONFIG PROMPT ALL.
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  • I offer a ton of free GUI-related scripts for Mudlet here:

    I have a YouTube channel you can check out for the latest in Mudlet GUI creation:

    And if you'd like a custom GUI built for yourself, you can get ahold of me via this forum, Mudlet forum, IG, or fill out the form on my website (the site is incomplete but the form will send your message to my email):
  • @Yae Not only do you save my ass IC but you saved it here. the config command prompt got the bars working.

    @Akaya I'll check your stuff out in more detail (Your gauges look amazing), and a custom made GUI would be a real lifesaver for me. Not only that but it would keep me playing as well.
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