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    Yue said:
    It seems newbieish to me.

    "You're a House enemy, I can't talk to you because you're a bad person and I can't think for myself."

    People can think for themselves and still choose not to talk to House enemies. It's not a trait limited to a robot.
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    Yue said:
    It seems newbieish to me.

    "You're a House enemy, I can't talk to you because you're a bad person and I can't think for myself."


    You can disagree with me, I don't know why you have to "wtf" my post. In reality, almost everyone who is anyone (house/city/order position of power) is enemied to multiple organizations, and if you have any legitimate in-character interaction besides your furry arpee (oh look, she's a druid, who would have guessed) then you are going to HAVE to talk to an org enemy at some point in time. If all you do is sit in your grove and tell your adopted cousin's girlfriends grand-dad's Arch Furrikan how pretty his new blankie is, then yeah, it's probably a good idea that you don't talk to house enemies (or anyone capable of rift-locking).
    *WHOOSH* Know what that was? The sound of the point going over your head. She never said she Can't speak with House enemies....I'm not sure any organization even has such a ridiculous rule. She specifically said she prefers not too. There's a big difference, I'm sure you'll figure it out some day.

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    Hmmm. No.

    You guys are being pedantic, and missing my point. Regardless of whether she says she can't because of a House policy (which isn't actually what I was suggesting in the first place) or whether she prefers not to as a blanket sort of general approach to player-interaction, I stand by what I said.

    That "whoosh" sound was you missing my point while you argued about the difference between "can't" and "prefers not to". Either way... EITHER WAY.

    "I prefer not to talk to House enemies." = "I am a newbie."

    *corrected for pedants
  • Yes, that brings it in line with what she said. It still doesn't make your statement correct in any way.
  • You're making bold unfounded presumptions on her part by arguing that her stating she prefers not to have prolonged conversations with enemies means she prefers to abstain from all player interaction, and that this somehow makes her a newbie. Either you're being a really bad troll or you're trying to argue black is white for the sake of being contrarian Hipster af

    Also, the point of "Can't" or "Prefers not to" is only being addressed because of your implication that she's a zombie that cannot think for herself. Can't implies she goes along what she's told she must do, whereas the latter is a personal approach towards interaction with enemies. 

    Why is this even being argued? I don't even.
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    This thread is going in circles...

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

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    This thread is going in circles...
    Speaking of which, way to bring it back around to the title.
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  • Mishgul said:
    Do you think koala bears will talk to enemies of new zealand
    If it's about getting unenemied, yes.
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  • Aren't koala bears Australian?

  • So... back OT. Did we ever figure out the reason he's an arse?
    Tvistor: If that was a troll, it was masterful.
    I take my hat off to you.
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    Lovely! I see you figured it out. I am closing this thread now it is complete and before it tumbles any lower.

    As a note in the future, we have an RP section of the forum which this should have been posted in.

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