Lawton Oklahoma?

Anyone here live in or around this small city?


  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen
    Dude, I feel bad for you, living in Oklahoma, the state of nothing.
  • I live in Denton TX

  • I used to live an hour away from there D:
    I'll probably be shifting over to Starmourn, seeya there!
    discord: aciidwire#5240
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  • I'm living in OKC....until Saturday. I like to play some Choctaw bingo on Friday nights. 
  • If anyone wants to meet up at the WinStar Casino for some good-ol'-fashioned losingmoneytoPeak, I can see about making my way up there.
  • edited May 2013
    meh, don't enter casinos peak, but I'm still interested in knowing if there are any people who live in Lawton OK, would be interesting to know if the population is 1 person per square block, or one person per 10 square miles or so../
  • @Xeran My dad grew up in Lawton and his parents lived there. I visited there very frequently when I was a kid. Nice little town, though kind of quiet!
  • AmanuAmanu Forge Tree
    I never knew anyone lived in anywhere near me.

  • One of my best friends from when I was about seven-eight moved to Lawton and lived there for a while, but he definitely doesn't play.

  • Daslin said:
    Dude, I feel bad for you, living in Oklahoma, the state of nothing.
    This will be remembered (OKC here)
  • Grew up in Lawton live in Moore now
  • I'm in OKC/Norman until the 3rd. If anyone wants to get together for some holiday drinky-drinky there's an open invite to meet up with me and my friends.
  • NylithNylith Beaverton, OR
    Oklahoma Unite! I'm in Norman during the school year
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