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Helping out a protege who is intent upon crafting their own system. I've given her Carmain's free version of Omnipave, but I want to make certain that we've got all of the triggers. I recall there being a list of triggers on the old forums. Can someone point me out to it, please? Thanks in advance.


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    You're probably thinking of this list by @Kairuni.

    It's actually older than that omnipave version though, so it won't be complete either. It's still from before Blademasters, so it's missing all BM lines, as well as alchemist and many dragoncraft ones.

    I don't really think it's that huge of an issue though. You can perfectly well make a system without having all the triggers and then add to it after getting those lines through actual spars.

    Outdated and screenwidth 80, but still the best list of trigger patterns I know of.
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    Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.
  • Curiously, how would one jpk someone out from the 'ether'? Far as I know, you can't jpk through most means that take you through the ether.

  • Not quite sure, but my guess is that that's what shows up when someone jpks you through a one-way exit.
  • I think it happens with special exit rooms such as those accessed by 'enter chasm'. Also not sure.
  • You can't jumpkick through an exit that requires a special command like that though.
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    Sewers, maybe? I've seen something regarding the ether and sewers. Either entering or exiting shows "from the ether" or "to the ether". Can't remember which.

    Going into the sewers requires "enter grate", but exiting is just "up". So, maybe they could just "jpk $target up" or whatever the syntax is, from the sewers.
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    I think jpk while shrouded by a serpent does that. I might have made that up though.
  • I think jpk while shrouded simply gives no entry message at all, but only the "He slams into you..." line.
  • jpk from the sewers just does "from the down".
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