A Chaos Sentinel?

I read what @Aepas has done with his evil druid and I was thinking of maybe creating a Chaos like Sentinel with using his morphs to only serve his benefits. Not sure if it will work but I want to try it.

any ideas/suggestions?


  • You may want to give it a little more reasoning than that though. Unless you're just looking for other people to create your character's roleplay for you?
  • Keep in mind that you would have to either be rogue or Eleusian-- while @Aepas can be Mhaldorian because of when he started, you wouldn't be able to be, say, an Ashtani Sentinel anymore.
  • Well I figure he (Zael) would like to be not always tend to the forests, I figure he would think there is more to metamorphosis than being a tree hugger (no offense to Eleusis or Druids). So he will mainly use Metamorphosis.

    it's just a idea of mine, might do it or might just stay as a blademaster.
  • It's hard to play "out of the ordinary" roles which break with set RP standards these days.

    No longer can we have paladins sworn to Nature, working alongside Occultists who celebrate the results of the parties between Eris and Demeter (treekin/bopalopia).
  • Well, I'll try to round up my ideas in a somewhat legible post, because things get a bit muddy around here, because Aepas is a very contradictory and convoluted character that somehow manages to work.

    Playing a character role that defines what you are or should be is very difficult. Let me explain why.
    Unless you have a lot of reputation around these parts you're going to be assumed to be either ignorant or an idiot.
    You won't be gaining any reputation for quite awhile.

    These two things add up pretty painfully to you as a person and as your character. I remember being killed many many maaany times when I was younger for not changing classes. Two sides to this. 1) It's perfectly understandable to be constantly killed, and my deaths are justified. 2) you godd*** motherf*** stop killing me you twats.
    So, I stuck with it because I was a stubborn ass who really just wanted to make my character work. After a long time I managed to gain a small bit of reputation as "that evil druid" and it carried on from there. Once it seemed like I had a well established character and was not just lolevildruid, people seemed to respect me a lot more and I began getting killed/ganked in a lot more meaningful ways (if that even makes sense.) at the point of having an established character I no longer cared to be ganked because it was more understood who I was.

    Now, let's look at how things where when I actually was a druid. The team green was not quite as set in stone as they are today. There were still plenty of mhaldorian forestals when I was first  "born" and it was pretty normal. Druids acted slightly different, at least mechanically but now eleusis has a very strong hold and faction over the green guys. This makes it a lot harder to break caste these days, and if you were ever to really attempt that, I'd say you should have a much deeper understanding of the game, the people that play, and the problems a character like that causes.

    Now, as far as I know, it's not too far off to play a chaotic anything. Chaos is a very "corrupt" kind of dealing in achaea, which is why there is a lot of brainwashing and interesting shady things that go on with the chaos guys. Sentinels are the least foresty of the foresty classes, as they are more like woodsmen with awesome powers. They are trappers and hunters that commune with nature, not a person that needs to tend to nature or gains powers from it. (correct me if I'm wrong.) So really, I don't think a chaotic sent is the most difficult role to play. It will still boil down to the fact that team green has their own true faction and classes these days.

    Now, one last thing I'll say when developing a character. I really did flesh a lot out and Aepas has gone through a ton of transformations in his short life, but here is the thing. When I created Aepas, I was going to be a MHALDORIAN. I was not going to be "that evil druid". Just a follower of evil, a seeker of the truths, etc etc. I became the corrupt druid I am through a lot of mechanical changes and pure zealous worship to evil. That is what creates the evil druid. not the desire to be the evil druid itself. If you're going to make something pick a role you want to fill politically, spiritually, or economically. Then play a class you enjoy. Then find out what happens from there. -THEN- you'll have a unique and proper character that has been fleshed out without needing to stick to some kind of grand role you've given yourself.
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    Derp, nevermind.

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  • Thanks @Aepas for the help, ill think of it some more on how to flesh out Zael.
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