Newbie introduction via HTML5 client

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In the HTML5 client (, we're adding some graphical pop-ups for newbies to help explain to them what they're about to get themselves into. It's pretty difficult going from a web environment to a text environment when you don't know what's coming, and I'm hoping these will help explain that they're not just joining a chat room.

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  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    This is absolutely awesome, and I'm hoping it yields some more serious players, as well as help first timers jump into the MUD. If it's their first time with a MUD, it can be very intimidating with everything that happens and a lot going on. Great job.

  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Aurora's pretty but Vastar would win me over as a new player. Lust at first site and all that jazz.

    In all seriousness, it's a nice way for first time MUDers and those transitioning from graphic games to find easier immersion.

    Achaea is really huge and most new people aren't really going to experience that much right away, so it's a great way to get people curious from the start.
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  • Great stuff, @Sarapis & Co. My only question would be the 'thousands of players' claim; is that actually the case?
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    I take my hat off to you.
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    Rankings experience

    (Every active person over level 30, so.)

    Slight typo on the 4th image. 'There more than 50,000 rooms in Achaea.' 
  • Interesting. I'd have guessed at a few hundred at most.
    Tvistor: If that was a troll, it was masterful.
    I take my hat off to you.
  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen
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    I think it's pretty neato.

    EDIT: Also, what is the third image?
  • It looks pretty good. I think the introduction is appealing for potential new players :)

  • Very cool. I'd add in the Atavian Jester, though.
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    This is looking good so far.

  • Agravain said:
    Rankings experience

    (Every active person over level 30, so.)

    Slight typo on the 4th image. 'There more than 50,000 rooms in Achaea.' 
    Thanks for spotting that.
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    This looks awesome. I also really like what's happening with the HTML5 client, aesthetically. It's much cleaner than any of the clients - just a shame it's unlikely to be used by anybody except newbies (and Gods!).

    Although, what's logging like on it?

  • @Silas I use the test build of the new client full-time now and I'm no n00b! Granted, I don't fight and I am rarely subject to the indignity of personal assault.

    Here's what the current build looks like, and below that is what the logging is like. You can replay the logs in real-time, look at them with/without timestamps, fast forward through them, just look at the whole thing at once, etc.

  • That looks amazing, and the added functionality is exactly the sort of thing I've always wanted but been too lazy to learn how to build for a mudlet GUI. If the logs can be saved locally without undue hassle, I'd definitely use it on my netbook at times when I don't need a system.

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    ...that client looks ridiculously good. :x I also appreciated the pop-up windows for help files, those were useful.

    One of my beefs with the html client, though, is that I can't stay logged into it for long. Maybe it was just the laptop but after some time the thing sort of starts lagging. That was a while back though so I'm not sure if that's been resolved since.

  • @Skye We'll look into that on the v2.0 version of the client (which is the in-progress build above), but it must not be universal. I don't experience anything like that and I'm logged in all day. Granted, I get a lot less text thrown at me than a player does typically. 
  • Replaying logs in real time sounds amazing. I've always wanted someone to make a program for that.
  • Mudlet has a replay feature, no idea how it works though.

    The client and intro look amazing.  It's good to see Achaea keeping up with the times instead of going the way of the dodo.
  • I'm not sure whether it's svo-specific (rather than just svo taking advantage of a Mudlet feature), but the STARTLOG/STOPLOG commands produce logs which can be replayed in real time.
  • omg that looks amazing. *drool at pic of Vastar* 
  • This looks amazing! Now if only the map in the HTML5 client would get updated a little, to reflect some unmapped or changed locations and to connect parts of the map together that are separate 'areas' right now, it would be perfect and very newbie friendly.
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