St. Louis - Memorial Weekend

I've generally had fun meeting Achaeans over memorial day weekends for the past two years, and no reason to stop this year!  (Except I'll be in STL instead of NYC, sorry @Adalie @kard @searnla)


  • NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
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    D'oh. Wish I could make it. I live an hour and a half up the road.
  • I dunnooo about all that.
    @Otha you must promise me food, if wherever we end up has food I shall be happy.
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  • I'm in STL city, I would really like to meet someone who can totally just help me out with everything just to get me all set straight. Let me know if anyone would like to help/have a huge epic Achaea player meet here idk js

  • I'm in STL as well
  • NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
    Might be able to make it Monday.
  • Great! So Monday is memorial day. If you guys are actually down l live by Tower Grove park, we can meet up there if you'd like and we can just kick it and see what else happens. If you want m to bring food or something you should say so now if not there's a jack in the box and all sorts of resteraunts on S. Grand. Idc what happens. Also, if you need a ride let me know. 

  • Hmm, I am in Kansas City area, but could make a trip.  Is anyone going to this for sure?

  • I mean if anyone wants to go I don't care but we should all like agree now cuz it would suck if some of you guys came from KC for no reason

  • NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
    @Cesarina, you going? I've got some work to do cleaning out an apartment, but two Mhaldorians on one trip sounds fun.
  • idk but since prob not happening today, def gotta do it soon.

  • NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
    I have a family vacation in June, but would be willing to try on my days off. I'll keep everyone informed.
  • cool cuz it rained like hell here today

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