Need some help with Omnipave.

I need to know how to set up how to sip health when my health goes below 500 and I would like to know how to use drawslash with the targeting system in Omni.


  • As for sipping health, Omnipave's autosipper is percentage-based.  If you prefer to do it when you hit a particular amount, figure out what percentage 500 is of your total health, and then use oconfig siphealth <percent>. I'd recommend adjusting this as you level up.

    As for targeting, you need to make an alias or a key binding that fires off a command using the 'target' variable, which is a global variable set when you use the tt command. I prefer a key in this case - go to Keys in the Mudlet script editor, add a new item, press "Grab New Key" and pick the key you want. Then in the big box below, put something like send("drawslash " .. target).  (I don't know the syntax for Drawslash so I'm guessing here, just fix it so it sends the right command if needed)

    Hope that helps!
  • I have a character that (using omnipave) keeps showing 'deffing...' at the bottom of the screen and never fully defs up. As such all the curing in omnipave doesn't work for me (e.g. curing paralysis, etc). Anyone knows how to get around this?
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Check levitation is up. It's one of the defs that used to not go up sometimes.
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  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
    Oshow defsmissing is handy. Will be patching soon. In between soccer tennis and work, getting time to sit down has been tough


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  • Soccer tennis sounds tiring.
  • Sorry, any question, anyone knows how to switch from one keepup to another one? Like from initial to bash?
  • defup (initial|bash|combat)
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