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Hello! I was wondering what recommendations people have for a Druid wanting to get into combat (or at least effective defense) in the future. I'd like to know what skills/abilities/equipment/artifacts (if any)/what have you are essential or suggested.

If I'm just completely crazy for wanting to get into combat as a Druid/new player, you can tell me that too.

Assume that money/time is no object. Money sort of is... but let's just pretend it's not for now. Pretending is fun.

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  • Forward slashes! They're forward slashes. Oops.
  • I like this one's enthusiasm.

    Unfortunately the only Druid combatant I know of personally is Mhaldorian, so that doesn't really help you.

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  • I'd always say that it's dependent on the level of combat you're talking about so I'm just going to assume raid combat here. You'd want at the bare minimum Jaguar for mauling (Since it's mostly what people do anyway).

    However, it's recommended that you have Wyvern and Hydra would be best coupled with Truemorph so you can morph between all of them to utilize as many of the abilities as possible. The combinations with other classes can be very powerful if you have a good team and know what to look out for.

    Get up to hive in groves for bees, if possible lightning for line of sight damage, you'd be able to use wildgrowth there to also hinder opponents.

    After that, there's really a huge list of things you could get to improve on group and solo combat, but it's better discussed in game with whoever you feel comfortable talking with in your city/house. Druid utlity is high, but it really depends on who you're teaming up with/what tactics you feel comfortable with as a whole.
  • I should probably have clarified that! Yes, I was thinking much more along the lines of raid combat rather than solo combat.
  • Long list is long. Thank you! Is mudlet the best client for Achaea?
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    Cerulean said:
    Long list is long. Thank you! Is mudlet the best client for Achaea?
    I think you'll find most people leaning towards using mudlet, and that means a couple things. You get more support with it, more scripts if you don't make them yourself, and some other things I'm forgetting, likely. It depends from person to person, and what you can make of your client.
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    I have not lost a druid vs druid match since 2007ish


    I agree with everything Delph said, (listen to that man he is the breathing Achaean Encyclopedia) but I would also recommend adding the following artefacts



    Veil of the Sphinx.  Expensive, but when so much of your opposition has one...ya just gotta do it.

    Eagle's wings give you another means of escape.

    Learn Weaponry.  Dagger and venoms can be a great asset when using the hydra morph.  Plus being able to start a behead immediately after a hydra bind is so handy.  I've gotten close to 50 kills like that.  Quite a few of them in raid situations.

    Clasp of Animal Magnetism.  It prevents forced demorphing.

     +Strength Gauntlets.  Yes maul does a certain percentage (not sure on the math) but it does more damage with the more strength you have.  However from my testing after 14str, the gains diminish greatly.


    Once you feel you are ready, come look me up in game.  I still have a 50 credit prize for the Druid that can beat me 1v1.





  • Since the list of suggested artefacts in this thread is getting rather long and featuring some things that should be pretty far in the future whether you buy credits or not, let me just emphasise the first part of what @Delphinus said. The most important things early on are basic abilities. Focus on your class skills and survival. By the time you finish those out, you'll have a much better idea of what you need and where you want to be focusing. Get involved and ask what you should be doing; most raid/defense leaders will know enough to be able to give you some guidance in how best to use the skills you have so far.
    Experience is huge, especially for group combat. Getting used to the spam enough to have some idea of what's going on will make a huge difference.
  • Thank you, everyone! Your advice is greatly appreciated. I am now officially a Mudlet user. I'm ridiculously happy about there being a client that's compatible with Apple products. So many games I've needlessly used telnet to play when I can't access my Windows PC... never again.
  • I think bees were changed to not hit through shield recently and that makes me :)
  • You recommended Throwing in Weaponry. What is it that I would be throwing?
  • either handaxes or daggers, envenomed with different venoms for different situations.  This would help you set up breaks/locks/deepfreezes


  • I've gotten a couple of mixed answers about racial specialization. Man-at-arms or Champion? The former: +2 Str. -1 Int. The latter: +2 Con. -1 Dex.
  • Xoran vanquisher.

    Still, go for +STR and +CON.
    Int is nice, helps with important things like clot, hydra stuff, etc etc. But mana is mostly your utility. You're a brute tank of flesh and kick-ass, you don't need no mana. (unless you're fighitng a BM, Apostate, Priest, things that make you bleed or things that make you focus. Oh wait, that's everything)

    Dexterity isss meh. You don't ever need it, but sometimes you'll just be wishing you had more of it.
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  • @Cerulean: NPCs usually deal flat damage, whereas PK involves a lot of percentage-based attacks. For that reason, +con will help more in bashing than in PK. +Str is nice, but strength has diminishing returns the higher you go.

    I'd go with +con/-dex. -Int will hurt your mana pool, whereas -dex will do comparatively little. You can always use a trait for an extra point of strength, if you want.
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    When I learn Throwing, should I also find the handaxe teacher and invest in a proficiency?

    I also just learned about the existence of traits. Any advice about which ones to pick?
  • Without a proficiency any weapon will do much less damage and have lower accuracy, so it is a good investment of lessons to pick one up.
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