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I started this thread because it hasn't seemed to have been brought here yet. I know the original thread was in North of Thera, but it seemed like this was really the most appropriate place for it.

Anyway, I actually have a little experience with convention-running. Two years on staff of Anime Detour, a relatively small convention held annually in Minnesota. Also did some volunteer work for the convention for a couple years before joining staff (by invitation). True, that's just one convention, and every con does things in different ways, for various reasons. That said... well, I figured I'd mention the fact, just in case the folks working to organise this might wonder if anyone's got such experience.
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  • Thanks! I won't be thinking about IronCon organization for a couple weeks, but will keep this in mind.
  • I also would be willing to help, I worked with the organizers of the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo to host that, and also been to more Dragon Cons, and Con Carolinas than I can count


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