Ingame targetting.


This has been bugging me for quite a while. 

I'm an avid user of in-game targetting, as I like to use ingame aliases for a lot of things (To me 101 aliases are not nearly enough, but that's not what this is about.)
My main issue here is that setting an in-game target, seems to be considered an ingame mechanic, and therefore it respects all such things as aeon, retardation, stun, and such things, giving you quite a disadvantage in some situations.

Could we please have this changed so we can set targets properly and not having to worry - i.e. having it ignore the things that might delay/stop it. 

I could just switch everything over to my client, but I really enjoy using in-game aliases, as I always have those handy, even if I login via html5, telnet, etc. 

 - Dodder.


  • It would be nice if an almost mandatory system for the game was included, so we didn't have to code it ourselves.
  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles
    Should add stun to that list.  Could also add when kai banished, amnesia, stupidity (make it so "st x command" doesn't proc stupidity) 
  • @Tecton

    Thanks a lot, absolutely awesome! And yes, adding stun would be really helpful too.
  • @Sarapis @Tecton This is off-topic and possibly classified, but between
    - game features/(TheList)
    - bugs
    - classleads
    - affliction overhaul
    - newbie-accessibility
    - game events
    - new classes(?)
    - weaponry overhaul
    - high clan biznatch
    - Other

    I'm curious about what the priorities are right now if there are any (and how much say we might have in that priority).
    I know You're all overloaded and wondering again about the timeframe. Estimates on classlead Classes completed per month are of particular interest.
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