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Ask your Producer: Traits edition



  • Tecton
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    Tecton said:
    Sena said:
    If questions about old traits are okay:

    What exactly does Aim to Kill do? Is it something like "x% damage bonus on all criticals"? Can you say how much the damage is increased? This is something that's pretty hard to test, since denizens that can show their damage are immune to criticals.

    How does Light Stepper (also Feral Spirit) differ from increased dexterity, since dexterity is mostly just increased dodge chance already?
    Aim to kill adds a small bonus to the damage before it is multiplied by the critical modifier, so it gets better the higher your critical strength.

    Light Stepper / Feral Spirit are the equivalent to multiple points of dexterity in the calculations for avoidance.
    As mentioned earlier in the thread!
  • Shibumi
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    @Tecton Thank you very much for your prompt reply. For some reasons I could not find the answers in previous posts.
    Light prevails, always
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