Mudlet 4.12 losing svof settings

Just upgraded to Mudlet 4.12 using the in-app "Upgrade..." selection, and the program seems to have forgotten I have svof installed. The modules all show up in the Module Manager, but my custom prompt is gone, and no svof-specific commands work, even vinstall. Before the upgrade, I was running the latest in-client version of svof.

Any suggestions? Something simple I'm missing?


  • Also, seems to be ALL triggers and aliases not working...what happened here?

  • Sounds like your svof download got corrupted. I've seen it happen with crashes while mudlet was open, wouldn't be surprised if it could happen with updates too.

    Delete your svof file from your computer and re-download and reinstall a fresh copy. Should still remember your settings and prompt as long as you haven't deleted those from your mudlet profile.

  • That worked, thanks! I was hesitant to do that before because I thought I'd lose everything, but looking good so far.

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