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Just a thread to share scripts that I think other people might like to use, instead of making a new thread every time.

Multi-name city charging script

Lets you charge any number of dirty criminals all at once. Uses multi-line command, so be sure to set the command_separator variable if you have changed your in-game command separator from the default setting.


city charge player [player...] with [crime]

regex:  ^city charge (.+) with (\w+)$

local command_separator = ";"  --default is ;
local s = ""
local t = string.split(matches[2])
local name = ""
local i = 0
local c = 0
while c < #t do
  assert(c < 100,"overrun")
  i=i+1 c=c+1 
  if i == 12 then
    i = 0
    s = ""
  name = t[c]
  s = s.."city charge "" with "..matches[3]
  if i < #t and i ~= 11 and c ~= #t then s = s..command_separator end


  • That seems overly complicated, I can think of how to do that in 1/4th the lines.

  • Alias: charge (.+) with (\S+)

    for name in matches[2]:gmatch("%w+") do
      send("city charge "" with "..matches[3])

    Will accept both words as the charge, as well as numbers for utilising city crimes list charges.

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  • You guys are clearly wrong. Shecks’ code is the best in the game. For 500$, you too could have an aff tracker that barely functions!

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