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Nicer looking deathsight assists.

Romaen LondonMember Posts: 25
Here's a trigger to turn this:

Into this:

To turn on kill assists in deathsight, use CONFIG SEEASSISTS ON. 

Create a new colour trigger, set to fire on the colour of your deathsight lines. (CONFIG COLOR will give you the ANSI colour code.)

ds = ds or {}
if ds[1] and (not ds[2]) then
  local g = getCurrentLine()
  if g:sub(1, 17) == "Kill assisted by " then 
    cecho(' <light_sea_green>(assisted by '..g:match("%d+")..')')
  ds[2] = true
elseif (not ds[2]) then
  ds[1] = true
if ds.t then killTrigger(ds.t) end
ds.t = tempPromptTrigger([[
  ds[1] = false
  ds[2] = false
  ds.t = nil
]], 1)



  • Romaen
    Romaen LondonMember Posts: 25
    Not sure why forums doesn't like < and > in code blocks, so you'll have to replace the tags enclosing light_sea_green manually.
  • Iocun
    Iocun Member Posts: 3,688 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Cool stuff, and I didn't even know such an seeassists config existed!
    Can't say I'm fond of how it looks by default (using the word "kill" in this fashion seems a bit too much like game-language to me and feels slightly immersion breaking), so I certainly prefer your variant.
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