Combat Highlighting/Gagging/Echoing Package

Does anyone have one? And are they willing to share?
I don't really need some comprehensive aff tracker or big gui. But I also really do not like the idea of going through a dozen different spars, finding lines that I want to highlight, gag, or otherwise alter to make combat less spammy and easier to follow. I know people make a lot of useful highlights. I know a lot of you completely gag out a lot of useless fluff lines in combat. And I know some of you even gag certain lines but also replace them with custom echoes to make what is happening in combat more apparent and easy to spot. That's what I'm after. That's all I want. And I have spent the better part of six hours looking for a pre-made package for that and have found nothing. Yes, I'm lazy. I know this is all stuff I have the scripting know-how to make. But that is a lot of lines to sort through and I would rather just get it out of the way by getting a package I can install. Then I can and probably will go about customizing it some to fit my liking.

So please. Help? I would really appreciate it if someone shared a package with pre-made highlight/gag/echoes for combat. Preferably for mudlet.


  • I made this for highlighting herb cures:

    I was going to expand on it and add a bunch of other stuff but I'm notoriously bad at following through on things.

  • My triggers are such a disorganized mess that there's no way I could package my highlights and gags for easy use by someone else.

    I think if you use a system like wundersys it might include some highlights/gags/echoes for you.
  • I'm with Kholos on this. There are just... so damn many lines in combat that aren't needed and just clutter things up, that I'd want gagged. And so many more things that I need to see that need highlighting. It just feels like too much for me to go and collect. And then I'd have to figure out how to gag them properly in mudlet (Especially so I can avoid my screen just having massive black splotches as blank lines were fed to my main display. Seriously, how can I gag a line without that happening?) Not to mention go through and meticulously highlight the lines I really thing I need to see. Not to mention echoes! Egads, echoes! 

    So please, if anyone has even a basic package of scripts for gag/highlight/echoes, share it? Pretty please? Even if it just covers some of the bulk, at least it's something to work with and extrapolate from.
  • Dat necro tho.

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