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Started playing a few days ago, I’ve been playing a fair amount but it seems like from what I can see from other players I’d have to spend money on the game to get anywhere. So before i decide to quit now because it’s a game that may/may not require me to buy things I wanna hear what any devs have to say about it


  • Demanding a response from devs as a new player, bold strategy. 

    You don't have to spend any money to get anywhere. 

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    We're all just kvetching.

    You can buy yourself several very strong advantages, no doubt, but as a new player, you're not going to be at the level of PK-competitive-whateverness that buying artefacts would matter one way or the other.

    You don't have to spend money at all to play the game. You can pay $10-$20 for 1000-2000 lessons to get a head start on learning your skills, but you can also earn lessons through leveling.

    Play the game for free, see how you like it. Get your bearings and learn the game before you worry about whether or not you want to spend anything on it.

    Just don't expect the largely-volunteer dev team to come here and court you as a player.
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    Well I’m 100% not a dev, but I have some thoughts that may be worth sharing. 

    Getting your skills learned is pretty much a requirement for combat type stuff, but depending on various things you might be able to get by without tri-trans class skills for group fights. Having all class skills, and maybe a level one something or another artifact helps a good deal, but a less equipped fighter could still beat someone if they are smarter about it. (I’m the one getting rekt by newbs half my size, I suck lol) 

     That being said, RP, creative and PvE play styles don’t really require skills or artifacts.

    You can grind your way towards some credits in game too. Houses and cities sell credits. You can get city favors, and also Achaea has free versions of promotions sometimes. Or, if you have real world skills, most notably of the artistic or scripting variety, or you have some unusually good in game design skills, you might be able to pull in some credits that way from other players. I only ever bought one lesson  pack, and I’m tri-trans. Now, I also got freakin lucky with a few things, so I’m not saying that’s the most typical route. Most people would take a lot longer than me to get there without paying up, because these methods don’t pay a ton right away. But you don’t have to throw money at the game -technically-.

    The arguments being made in other places about credits being too high priced or whatever is definitely an issue that people are concerned about, and that’s fine. I’m not going to say it’s not valid. Artifacts help, and credits are an easy way to trade for what you want or add pizzazz to what you have. But it’s perfectly possible to live without, depending on your interests. 
  • There are often tons of playerbase contests that award upwards of hundreds of credits to winners and contributors, there is one going right now for player-created deathsights that gives 200cr if your sight gets chosen. 

    So even though you don't need credits to do get into any of the facets of the game, there are still opportunities to earn them. Make some friends to do things with you and nothing is really out of reach.
  • One way to make credits right now is to do Medium adventures for Talisman pieces (You'll probably need help from citymates) and sell them for 10+ credits. You'll get about 10 this month if you do them all, so that's around 100 credits!

    Which, if you convert them into lessons, is 8.5 lessons per credit (6 normal + 2.5 bonus).

    You might even be able to sell them for more. Maybe sell some unbound credits for gold and buy city credits. 

  • Hustivas, don't get discouraged. You're the lifeblood of Achaea and don't let anyone tell you different.  

    Heard you made the switch to Hashan. If you see Paux about,  say hello. There's a lot of fun to be had without the paytowin. 

    Just be patient, respectful and chase the story- it'll get you far.
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