Returning Player Questions! Need Help!

So I've recently returned to the great lands of Achaea but I seem to have lost everything I had for achaea, i.e, scripts and tons of notes I had written down in my laptop. With that said, I have a few questions!

What I'm working with right now..
Tri Trans - Level 85 Mhun Serpent with 16dex and 4730 health
Trans avoidance, tattoos, survival, constitution, fitness, galvanism, and philosophy.
Vision to Harmonics
Weaponry to Parrying

Level 2 dirk
Level 1 crit pendant
Ceylonese bracelet(level 2 reserves)
Belt of Titans(level 2 con)

First and foremost, what are the communities take on curing systems? Is Wundersys still relevant? Should I go for Svof, TReX or even just use serverside? My scripting knowledge is mediocre at best. I can usually pick apart certain scripts and figure out how they work but I am probably the worst at planning a script and god forbid I properly build/keep the script organized and efficient. 

My main focus coming back is going to be pushing for Dragon. Please give me any tips/routes you can! Level 85! Is there anything special I should be doing for Serpent? From what I remember - I would just spam garrote and use my battlerage whenever it came up on cooldown and I had enough rage, always saving some for rage razing shield so I never bit camus. Is this the most efficient way?

Serpents! I could really use a refresher on everything serpent! If anyone could chime in on advice for combat/espionage/serpent things or point me in the right direction of someone in-game that I could spend some time with, that would be fantastic! I'm aware of basic venom theory and priorities, but other than that I forgot everything! :( 

Scripts! I am literally starting from scratch on Mudlet and I honestly am rather stressing it. Any tips/ideas/blueprints of/for useful scripts/systems would be awesome! Anything that might be useful for serpent/general game play is welcome!

I believe that's all I have for now, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I find that using wsys is great, although I no longer use it myself.  I would stay dex specced and yes use garrote/brage for bashing.  

    Combat for serpent is cool.  Snake no longer gives loki, but rather will prone, and then strip sileris if the target is prone already.  If they are prone and no sileris, they will bite scytherus. 
  • I don't use Mudlet, but love Wundersys. It's minimal, elegant, and all curing is now handled serverside.

    There are some offense trackers out there, AK being the most well-known. You will also find a ton of Mudlet scripts on these forums including bashing scripts.

    Have fun!
  • afaik because of serverside curing the current major systems are more just guidelines augments for it. I use wundersys almost purely because of the defense tracking and priority shifting. Serverside can do it, but it's pretty fugly and cumbersome.

    bashing is the worst so can't help you there.

    Don't know when you left, but the darkshade and lightwall change is pretty big. Darkshade kills fast if there's a lightwall present so it forces a priority swap in their curing, which gives you a (larger) window to lock them. Or they just die from the darkshade. You can probably find someone in your city/house to help you test.

    idk about scripts. The QUEUE function in game is kinda cool so maybe make something around that for bashing/offense? It gets a little tripped up if you're hindered when you regain balances so watch out for that.
  • Artied Serp bashing is pretty great. Unartied not so much. Make sure to borrow con arties from citymates if you can: SoA will be very helpful

    Dunno if you left before or after the change, but garrote speed is now dex-based. This makes dex-spec better than con-spec for hunting, especially if you have a crit pendant. You may not have a lot of health, but if you can kill things fast enough it barely matters.

    Again, not sure how long ago you left, but there's a weapon called a lash that is exactly identical to a whip for all intents and purposes, but does less damage and is faster... except that garrote damage isn't dependent on your weapon stats, leaving you with just the speed. So lashes are the way to go.

    Spamming garrote, throatripping, and saving some for excoriate is indeed the most efficient way to kill denizens.
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