Looking for DnD group!

Hi all! I have been dipping my toes in DMing Dungeons and Dragons games the past few months and I'm planning to run a campaign, for which I will naturally need players. The campaign will be based on the universe of Warhammer 40,000, though knowledge of the lore is absolutely not needed for what I have in mind. Consider it a science fiction campaign, though! We'll be playing with 5th edition rules, which I'm most familiar with, slightly adapted for the Sci-fi setting.

Right now I'm looking at weekends, once every other week, between 7am and 2pm GMT, depending on what works best for those who sign up. If those hours end up impossible I can look at different days/hours.

The setting of the campaign itself:

The planet of Markus IV has no important resources, no strategic importance, no historical value. As a human colony, it's all but forgotten by Imperial high command, leaving the defense against internal and external threats to the often underqualified Planetary Defense Force. As more and more disturbances break out, the PDF resorts to hiring even less-than-savoury mercenaries to fill the gap. It will be up to them to find out the cause of the many riots, reports of plundering and remote settlements gone silent.

The campaign will include plenty of action, some investigations to undertake and the occasional moral choices to make that befits a very dark universe. If you're interested to hear more or play, PM me or respond here!


  • There was a post not too long ago for another DnD group, buy it was outside my schedule so I don't know how that panned out. 
    I'm on EST so that would be between 2am and 9 am for me. Could theoretically do that on a Saturday night/Sunday morning...
    Keep this thread updated as you get closer to finalizing things! I've wanted to get into DnD for awhile, just no Dm's near me!
  • I would be interested, I'm in MST, so it is on the later end, but totally workable depending on the day. Play a lot of DnD and am DM-ing one now, but haven't done sci-fi and think it could be cool!
  • I’ve been getting myself less anxious with dming and playing with randoms with slapping together random groups here and online. I would be down to play but I definitely can’t dm, I’m still far too anxious about my own terrible writing skills :(
  • sure why not
  • Alright! I've made a Discord group for anyone interested to hop in. We'll narrow down a time and play the first session (or at least make some characters) on the 19th or 20th depending on what works out best.

    Link should be: https://discord.gg/YyR24Y

    I'll give out more information on how I'm handling race and class choices there too.
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