Depthswalker hunting

I'm finding it difficult to get into playing Caled. Old char, too-familiar faction RP, too familiar character RP to another char in IRE - whatever the reasons I'm looking at using my retirement credits on something completely different instead. Maybe an evil(ish) char, something I've done little of in IRE.

I've read a fair bit saying that DW are essentially ordinary at hunting. Neither good nor bad. Can con spec, and use terminus research to soft-spec for hunting etc. The info is scattered through a lot of posts, and over a couple of years too, so I've some questions to clarify, please.

  1. Scythe bashing attacks - scale to strength? Well or just a little bit?
  2. Assuming most level 1 defensive artefacts, and terminus specced for hunting, is it feasible to put a bit of race/specialisation into strength?
  3. What are they like group bashing?
  4. Someone commented that they're often targeted first in group pvp - is this true and why?
I'm still considering knights, but DW seem like a lot of fun, with a lot of different things to try in PVP, and I always like strong utility classes.

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