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Class Selection help! MKO refugee

So i'm coming from MKO though sadly i didn't have enough credit value to actually retire but i've picked up Achaea as my new hobby. I've picked up a few different classes and tried them out but I'd like some opinions on a good class to start out with. I'd like to stay away from all of the factional classes as I do not want to get heavy into the rp in a specific city if I do not end up liking it. I've read a few threads and a lot of people say to go with Runewarden though I don't really like the class. I'd like to reach Logosian as fast as I can and get into combat(1v1/group) so things i'm taking into consideration are hunting prowess(defence/attack/speed/downtime/uptime), 1v1 potential and lastly group synergy.

Classes that I did like were...

  • Monk -
          This class seemed like a good all arounder, okay bashing with ability to do well in a 1v1 fight and has lots of utility with telepathy though I believe you need artifacts for either setup.

  • Depthswalker
          New toy! It seems to have a lot of flavour but i don't know jack about the class.

  • Shaman
          I like the flavour but not sure how well it does without artifacts and how it does with bashing

  • Alchemist
          Playing with ether seems kind of cool and I've read that they can be quite difficult to handle..How do they do without artefacts bothing hunting and pvp?

I guess the real question is what class is going to do the best out of the gate without artefacts. I plan on getting both of the lesson packages/credit package to tri-trans asap. Spending most of my time bashing to level 80 or above and then getting into combat once i've reached that goal. Tips/tricks please!


  • DyirsaDyirsa Member Posts: 7
    Just want to say hey to a fellow MKO refugee who couldn't retire. I decided to drop into Achaea too. Good luck!
  • RyzethRyzeth Member Posts: 1,105 @ - Epic Achaean
    Niredan said:
    So i'm coming from MKO though sadly i didn't have enough credit value to actually retire 
    That's weird, all characters were given retire credits equal to how much their char was worth. I needed ~200 more credits to retire my MKO char, but they still let me retire for ~400cr instead of the standard 500.
  • DyirsaDyirsa Member Posts: 7
    I made the mistake of just looking at RETIRE VALUE which didn't factor the special circumstances into account and lost a fair amount split between 3 characters.
  • BannBann Member Posts: 401 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Gorbi here. Getting to 80 isn't very hard at all. Lot of people never get much higher, and that's fine. Bashing here is a struggle sometimes.

    Runie is incredibly strong for bashing, DW is new and it's a str/con type of class though I'm not sure of its tankiness. I've no idea about Monk, and @Lylith wrecks as Shaman so maybe she can chime in with some advice about that class.
  • ProceleanProcelean Member Posts: 18 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    To chime in on Runewarden bashing, as long as you don't go Sword and Shield, it's strong. Unartied I don't think you will feel the defensive bonus from a buckler (You can use bigger shields but you take a speed penalty). Artied you can get a SoA, but with artefact armour you are far better off just getting the absorption paragon and going with any other spec if you just want to bash.

    For some -very- unscientific numbers, with 21 strength (str spec, trait, runes, l2 gauntlets, fury), level 2 longsword, SoA, and nimble my bashing attack does 2% to a level 80 mob at 2.3ish seconds (slice and rend are the same speed for bashing, so on top hitting like a wet noodle you also get a speed penalty). For reference, newbie kick does 2% to the same mob at 3.9ish seconds.

  • AchimrstAchimrst NatureMember Posts: 3,608 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Long time Shaman, first time caller. A shaman without arties isn't bad, if you're hunting just get a constitution build and utilize your spirits right. Definitely need a shield tattoo, but that's anyone really and Shaman actually doesn't have many arties maybe like 3. If you start dying touch shield and invoke regeneration, if they break shield just touch it again to force them to break again and let curing sip for you. Having health regeneration helps a lot but you have a spirit for both constitution and health regeneration so you don't need arties. You have an "oh shit" run away spirit you can invoke too. Just make sure to use tattoos and maybe pick up making them and gathering tradeskill to keep them up.
  • FarrahFarrah Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 2,702 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Monk is a pretty artie-heavy class.

    Alchemist, Shaman, and Depthswalker are all excellent unartied.

    No clue as to bashing ability. All three are good at pk, with Depthswalker and Alchemist being fast kill pure momentum classes and shaman being more of a prep class. 

    Personally, I find shaman/alchemist boring and depthswalker really fun, but people can vary widely in what they like. If you're going to be unartied, I'd con spec as any of those three classes.
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