Jester gen skills

Avoidance is great I'm sure, but how useful is weaponry? The help scroll says your weapon effectiveness is pranks plus 10% of the lower, so is 10% more weapon effectiveness 10% more attack and speed? Or something else?

Also, is riding even useful for jester? I can gallop with giraffe and acrobatic moves get me over walls and such, and I hear riding reduces some benefit from acrobatics, too?

Anything I'm missing? 


  • Pranks and weaponry both give the same benefits (in terms of damage/speed/accuracy of bop), and you get the full benefit of whichever skill is higher and 10% of the normal benefits of whatever skill is lower. Say, for example, that trans pranks or weaponry makes bop 1s faster compared to inept. If you had trans pranks and halfway to trans weaponry, you would have 1.05s faster bop (because weaponry would give 10% of 50% of 1s), or if they're both trans you would get 1.1s faster bop. In short, if pranks is higher than weaponry (and it should be), the benefit of weaponry for bop is pretty small.

    Riding is still useful for the extra avoidance. It's not the riding skill that hinders acrobatics, it's being mounted (which includes giraffes). And if you have trans riding then mounted+acrobatics is still better than just acrobatics alone, so you're not worse off while mounted, it's just not as much additional benefit.
  • Are you sure about the speed aspect Sena? I thought that part was removed. 

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    Which part? I'm not 100% sure of any of the effects on bop specifically, but it seemed to follow the standard formula last I checked. With normal weaponry attacks (and garrote), I'm almost certain that trans weaponry is still 1s faster than inept, but I'm less sure about there being any additional benefit beyond 1s (and it wouldn't be surprising at all if having both skills gave an additional speed benefit for some attacks and not others).

    It's also possible that the benefits/speeds for PvP and PvE are different, given the precedent of garrote speed scaling with dex in PvE but not PvP.

    Edit: Just in case, I'll add that the numbers in my previous post were just hypothetical to show what the "10% of the lower skill" meant. There may also be caps, for example damage could be capped at mythical, so being above mythical in one skill means there's no additional benefit for more lessons in either skill.
  • I think weaponry just affects the damage done and accuracy of the attack, and not the speed of the attack at all.

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    Just tried bashing denizens with a club with inept and trans weaponry, weaponry definitely still matters for speed there. Same with subterfuge and garrote against denizens.
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