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Post your songs, poem, short stories here! Compilation thread

GoryllinGoryllin Member Posts: 79 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished

I am actually hoping to start a thread that stays at the top of the Blank Canvas, like we have "What happened to you Today" at the start of the main category.

The purpose of this thread is so that we can post the songs, poems, short stories and other small bits of word related art that don't require their own individual thread.

Here is a small song I wrote, thinking from the perspective of a population that was destroyed back when humans were first unleashed upon Sapience.

Can you hear it, the voice of the slain.

Can you feel it, the emotion of the dead.

Refusing to bow, Thus ended our reign.

Pride wasn’t enough, Silence echoes in our stead.

Can you see it, the beauty of what once was.

Can you taste it, the glory of our last stand.

Now only history knows, the justness of our cause.

Now only bones remain, Scattered throughout the land.

Can you sense it, the story in the rubble.

Can you believe it, the faith in our actions.

An entire civilization, Lost in times of trouble.

A whole philosophy, now just warning captions.

Can you answer it, the question lingering on my mind.

Can you sing it, the song that we left behind

Does it measure up, the costs of standing firm combined.

Remind all of the world, the folly of resisting mankind



  • GoryllinGoryllin Member Posts: 79 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished

    Here is one that Goryllin actually performs in game. Though it can't be from his perspective, it is what he envisions when it comes time for him to lay down his weapons for the last time.


    The scent of delicate flowers fills the air, aromas wafting on the gentle wind that whispers softly through your hair.
    Warming rays of light stream through the chapel door, lighting every corner with a pleasing glow.
    Expensive silks rustle as the room fills with both the renown the common, a slight buzz of background noise.
    The chapel is filled with sounds of pleasantries exchanged, how-are-you's and bless-you's mingle in the air.
    All of this drifts past your un-heeding ears, as you contemplate in solemn solitude.
    The Chapel door swings open once again and suddenly the room is filled with silence as the Cleric makes his stately pace down the aisle.
    With a face filled with solemn promise, the Cleric gently brushes your shoulders in passing as he ascends the pulpit.
    As he opens his mouth and leads everyone in a gentle prayer, a solitary tear tracks a wasted journey down your trembling cheek.
    As the final words disperse through the air, all behind you rise and bow their heads in great respect as fervent words escape their lips and tears sneak past closely guarded eyelids.
    As your eyes close tight with emotion, the Knights before you raise swords in fond salute.
    And with a final farewell, you kiss cold unfeeling lips as you lay their lord, and your gallant husband, to his final rest.

  • GoryllinGoryllin Member Posts: 79 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished

    Hello Death, my old friend 
    I've come to talk with you again 
    Because a vision softly creeping 
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping 
    And the vision that was planted in my brain 
    Still remains 
    Within the sound of silence

    In restless dreams I never walked alone 
    Whether on Cyrenian streets of cobblestone 
    Or huddled against the heat of a hobo’s camp 
    I turn my collar to the cold and damp 
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a ghostly light 
    That split the night 
    And touched the sound of silence

    And in the naked light I saw 
    A thousand people maybe more 
    People talking without speaking 
    People hearing without listening 
    People living lives without a care 
    Because Thoth didn’t dare 
    Disturb the sound of silence

    "Fools," said I, "you do not know 
    Silence like a cancer grows 
    Listen, and treat death like it matters, 
    Don’t shrug it off when your body splatters" 
    But my words like silent raindrops fell 
    And echoed in the wells of silence

    And the people bowed and prayed 
    To the ghostly god they made 
    And the light flashed out its warning 
    In the words that it was forming 
    And the light said "The words of the prophets are written on the stable walls 
    And orphanage halls 
    And whispered in the sound of silence

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