Nexus Client - Handle so works via proxy

The Nexus client at uses websockets (ws:// For those of us with proxies, that means we can't use it.

Other problem is a lot of people use proxies and it looks like it works when you click logon, but then just kicks you right back out again. To uninitiated on reading console output (most people who browse to find Achaea for the first time), it looks like it's just broken. 

Testing with, websockets DO work with TLS enabled. I.e. wss:// 

There is an ancient cert on (expired 3 years ago). 

Would be a good idea to get that renewed and fire up the client using wss, which opens up the market to everybody using proxies.
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  • TectonTecton The Garden of the Gods
    Yeah, the old secure websockets implementation is outdated, we're working on fixing this up for the new version.
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