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Portable mudlet help

VokunVokun Member Posts: 12
I travel alot and I currently use mushclient which I have setup to run off of a usb stick with no problems. However, I know IRE players almost all use mudlet. So for that layer of support and the tons of free scripts available in IRE land Im trying to run mudlet from a usb stick instead.

Everything works well and good except that it creates a .config folder on the pc Im using in the users folder. This contains my profile and not only leaves behind files on the pc Im using, it also makes it a pain to easily change comps without having to backup up my profile and move it etc. That isn't gonna work for me unless I can have mudlet all completely contained on the usb stick like mushclient.

Is there a way I can re-path mudlet creating that .config folder directly onto the usb?


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