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Seeking Lovely Art! ( Character Portrait & Mudlet GUI) *Paid*

IlessiaIlessia Member Posts: 34
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As the title suggests, I'm looking to commission what I'd consider to be 'High level' work. There are so many of you out there with amazing talent! If it helps to place the quality I speak of I'd like to highlight just who I've seen most recently on the boards: Yae and Tibitha with Character related art and Zulah on GUI's

I'm more than happy to get into the specifics with anyone interested but just to let prospective artists in on what I'm looking for:

Character Art: (750x1000)

Looking through a lot of art online for inspiration this seems to be a common size and suits my needs.  I prefer a style closer to the side of realistic. I'd like to see this piece be a fairly simple scene, 80% being Ilessia, 20% being the background and implication of a simple scene. Bonus if she's easy enough to crop to double as an avatar. 

Expected offer: 50cr or equivalent ~ Paypal

Mudlet GUI
: ( Art and Setup )

This one is, granted, a bit more complicated and requires a multi-talented individual. While I have contacted Zulah (who did amazing work while those threads were seemingly active), I am famously impatient! Again, the specifics of this I'll discuss in PM or third party communication. The focus of this project is mainly an awesome aesthetic but if you haven't seen some of the stuff Zulah was coming up with have a look here.

     Expected offer: Also 50cr or equivalent ~ Paypal

A note on prices:

Now a lot of you talented people do your work for free or on the cheap and that's greatly respected. On the other hand, even with the examples given, what I may ask you for could easily go for $200+ dollars from a DeviantArt commissioned artist. I want to see fair compensation where it's due.

I based my ballparks on what other examples have assigned the worth of 35-50cr to, and in the case of Zulah's work, the average asking price of a Mayan crown. I'm happy to negotiate, either way. 

All in all, thank you for being a great part of the community and thank you in advance to anyone who might take up the call and help me to return to Achaea after a very long hiatus, invested and thoroughly immersed <3


  • ElipiseElipise Member Posts: 378 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    Had I the time, inclination, or were one of the few tagged, I would... but alas. Good luck!
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  • IlessiaIlessia Member Posts: 34
    Elipise said:
    Had I the time, inclination, or were one of the few tagged, I would... but alas. Good luck!
    Had I been more thorough and found every Achaean artist, everyone who does more than stick figures would have probably been tagged.  :o I see there have been plenty of views but no overt interest. Just my luck!
  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,631 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I think it's more that you haven't gone into specifics. More details may mean people know if the can do it or not.

    example: I can make a decent looking Gui but I'm rather crap at functioning coding. With what you've given us i think im probably not your girl.
  • IlessiaIlessia Member Posts: 34
    Well the GUI may be the more functional and useful thing between the two requests. Normally I wouldn't want a GUI at all but when I saw the stuff that Zulah was doing (Lots of art, animation, flashy) I thought I'd like to play the game this way.

    If there is someone savvy enough to blend the code and art together I'm leaving examples of what caught my eye about his work.

    Aesthetically I'd just like to reflect Ilessia's class (Paladin) with Sword and Shield, maybe some Angelic elements, etc. Functionally I'd like to see those orbs (example below) raising and lowering to track health, mana, devotion, etc visually. I'd like to see some visual component hooked up to a limb-tracker even. 

    Beyond that I'm not actually versed enough with GUI use to be fully informed on what I need but I think I'm starting to get used to having a map so a place for that to sit would be nice, and if I was reaching for even more perhaps a few togglable tabs for channels. I've seen some examples that always show the IH of what's in the room as well. Again, I'm guessing I'd have to get into some PMs/IMs with whomever was interested in doing this project.

    All in all I'm definitely after a very art-dominated style, I just got really excited after seeing this can even be done!

    Zulah said:
    Right now I have 6 orbs and 3 other animations, 1 of which is a complete background all running on my mudlet screen while I bash/sail just to make sure they won't effect the systems speed.

  • IlessiaIlessia Member Posts: 34
    As for the Character Portrait I spend far too long looking at pinterest of all things when I need inspiration for a character. I think we're all capable of copy-pasting someone else's hard work and saying 'Good enough' as a representation for our characters. I would just like to have something to call my own. Examples of what I've snagged to give me a visual idea of Ilessia?

    Both of the below pictures have a level of detail that I'm not expecting for 50cr or $20USD. Another reason I'd have to see what a potential artist is comfortable with. That being said, I am comfortable with upping the offer on either work to $50 without knowing more about whom might approach me. At this point I think the GUI may be the least likely to happen. 

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