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rage message

TrikiwTrikiw Member Posts: 1
I'm getting messages like this before the prompt: "[Rage]: +5.9. Total: 40.3 Now Available: Throatrip"
How do I turn it on on all my toons? What's the setting to toggle it on/off?

Thanks in advance


  • KandraKandra Member Posts: 189 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    type: config ragemsg

    This configuration setting controls the display of various notifications associated with Battlerage (HELP BATTLERAGE).The configuration options you can control are:

      GAIN - Messages related to generating and losing the rage resource.
      GLOBALCOOLDOWNS - Cooldown before you can use any Battlerage ability again.
      ABCOOLDOWNS - Cooldown before you can use a specific Battlerage ability again.

    You can configure one of these settings by including it as an option in the CONFIG command.
    Example: CONFIG RAGEMSG GAIN ABCOOLDOWNS - Will turn on notifications about gain and the cooldowns of specific abilities, but will turn off notifications about general cooldown expiration.
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