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Letters of Import



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    <spoiler> A translucent black letter has been pasted on this page.

    Upon closer inspection you see: 
    Made from rice using a special process, this dusky black letter is delicate and lightweight, with a 
    translucent surface that shimmers beautifully when touched by even the barest illumination. The 
    stationery is crisp and absorbs ink evenly, allowing for perfect penmanship depending on the author 
    of the missive.

    Carefully you read what has been written on it: 
    Pasted by Makaela on the 14th of Mayan, 681 AF

    To: Makaela, Apprentice of Manipulation,

    I would like to send you a formal greeting and extend a query. I'm not
    sure if it was sufficiently extended in our prior brief conversation..
    but I would like to inquire further about the Truths of which you spoke.
    If it wouldn't be gauche I would love to either request a conversation
    with you, or to if possible be lent some reading materials from which to
    learn more about them.
    If you haven't the time or are unable to discuss this with me due to
    prior engagements or even disinterest I apologize and wish you the best
    in your endeavors.

    With curiosity,

    Volunteer Shimi.</spoiler>

    To be honest I am shocked they remember me at all.  We had a very brief conversation on the Truths where I suggested they read up on it first. I can only Guess they struggled to find any reading on it.  My response included the Seven truths with the suggestion that before meeting with me they try to  analyse the truths their self.

    Pasted into my Journal along with this one from Saeva. Good timing as Makaela was literally blaming herself for the actions of Aegoth and saw it as her shaming Mhaldor and the Insidium.

    A silver-embossed letter has been pasted on this page.

    Upon closer inspection you see: 
    This letter is crafted from creamy parchment, its edges dyed with a wide border of navy blue. 
    Delicate filigree embossed and enhanced by silver leaf scrolls over the dark background, augmented 
    by a light sprinkle of glittering diamond dust. A neatly braided length of silver ribbon keeps the 
    parchment from unfurling.
    In flowing script at the bottom of the letter is embossed the name 'Eminence Saeva Aristata, Lady 

    Carefully you read what has been written on it: 
    Pasted by Makaela on the 14th of Mayan, 681 AF

    Apprentice Makaela,
    I write to you to ask your pardon in my departure earlier. Scion Aegoth
    and I got into a bit of a heated arguement and it was not well suited
    that I was to remain. However, there are some things I would like to go
    over with you.

    You were on the correct path. Taking time to discuss the Truths one by
    one is the best way to pick at why someone does or does not support
    their words.

    The second Truth is one of the hardest for any to swallow. When your
    daughter said it was barbaric, I did wish to hear out why she thought it
    was so. However, for her to say such words then to be devoured by the
    Scion was only solidifying her notion. His actions were out of line. We
    do purge our conscience and we do afflict pain for our growth and the
    growth of others, but we do not do so mindlessly. We always do so with a
    purpose. I think this month the Scion had no purpose and thus it did
    seem entirely barbaric. We are the Insidi and we are calculating minds.
    We must think before we act.

    It was not your failure. However, your daughter is going to have a
    greater prejudice than ever against Mhaldorian cruelty. I intend to
    write to her as well to attempt to do a bit of damage control.

    I simply wanted you to know you were doing fine. Discussing the Truths
    with one who does not believe can be a challenge in your new faith but
    it is the best way to push yourself to understand more of how you think
    as well as how outsiders feel.

    In Strength,
    Eminence Saeva Aristata

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