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Trying to install Ubuntu for dual boot

JacenJacen Member Posts: 2,325 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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So I've got Windows 7 64-bit already installed on my computer. I set aside a 100Gb partition when I installed W7 so that I could later put Ubuntu on for a dual boot. Up until now I've been running Ubuntu 64-bit in VMWare with no issues, I just want the power I can get from having an actual installation. So, I burn the image to a DVD, throw it in the drive, restart the computer. I get to the first screen just fine, the screen with the options to install, boot from Live CD, check the disc for errors, etc. From there, of the three options I've chosen (install, run Live CD, Check disc for errors) All take me to a black screen where a traceback (I guess?) is shown. I see several things go by, like "NMI handler took too long to run!" and "fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!" I can get more details if someone can tell me what to look for, because its mostly gibberish to me, and I can't exactly copy/paste. Before I try to install, I unplug all my peripherals (speakers, wireless adapter, external hard drive) but it doesn't make a difference. If anyone can tell me what to pick out of that traceback to post here for more info, I'll gladly do it again.

Oh, just thought about the fact that I'm plugged into my gpu and not the onboard graphics, lemme try that.

Annnnnnd nevermind, working now. Sorry


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    Aepas said:
    So first thing you're going to want to do.

    You're going to want to go into bios and create 64 partitions. (This is the best number because it works really well with 64 bit operating systems)
    Once you do that, you're going to want to install Ubuntu on each one of those partitions. If you have a good processor, the many ubuntu partitions will all work together, removing your need for RAM!

    Keep in mind though, this will fragment your hard drive really fast. The best way to defrag your hard drive is to get a few earth magnets and rub it back and forth over the hard disks a few times. This should help get rid of any unwanted or fragmented data. If you have a solid state device you can put it in the oven at around 400F for a few hours and it should have the same effect.

    Now since you no longer need any RAM because of the 64 OS you now have, you can feel free to take that RAM into your local 7/11. The person working there should be able to provide you with many things in return. Once you have a few ponchos and mechanical pencils, you can go to home depot and turn them in for a roll of solder, which you'll want to use to combine your motherboard pins together. It's pretty easy, just make sure there are no gaps in the pins. Gaps mean wasted space! if you want your computer to run extra fast you need to remove all excess space.

    By the time you're done you'll have the perfect computer for roasting marshmallows.
    Every time I try to do this f****king quest, I get to the 7/11 and someone has already bought all the ponchos. This is bullshit. I'm going to start over with Arch Linux.
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