Question re: OOC Song Lyrics/Titles in IC Channels

So, when I mentioned that the junk in my trunk is for sale at the Flamboyant Flamingo in Hashan my credibility is at risk. Then some admin posts to the Events news and uses a well-known song title as the subject line. I have questions.

Are Events News not an IC channel?
- If so, are we not allowed to discuss Events news on IC channels?
- If not, is the admin's credibility also at risk as song lyrics are not appropriate for IC channels?

Thanks in advance! :smile:


  • Go take a look at ship names sometime, half of them are song lyrics or book titles and it's kind of annoying.

  • edited February 2023
    IC/OOC separation is a joke for much of the game. It's straining to try not to focus on areas where OOC stuff leaks. It seems everyone likes to pretend it isn't how it is, which is also frustrating. 
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