Looking to come back and make friends...

To make a long story short my depression is really giving me a work over right now and I am looking for some people I can reliably build relationships with in-game. I know this is a hard thing to ask of people, but if you'd be willing to pal around with a new character let me know your factions and I will work to build a character in the same scope of belief and orgs. I feel like Achaea could potentially be a good outlet for my need to socialize right now while also giving me something productive to work on. I typically always run a Nature character, but this time I'm willing to work on a challenge of building a new character with a different approach if needed. Anyway, I hope this isn't too weird to ask of people.

As a side note... I am in therapy and working on things outside of just social interaction. This is just an attempt to get me focused on something else for a while.

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