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Blademaster sword miscellaneous data repository



  • ReynaerdReynaerd Posts: 6Member
    My one and only blade!

    Name: Hidden Vipers
    Alloy: Steel / Bronze (pale alloy)
    Curve: Soft curve
    Groove: Shallow groove
    Tang: Narrow tang
    Grip: Scarlet leather
    Pattern: Double diamond
    Pommel Shape: Round
    Material: Ruby
  • PyoriPyori Posts: 343Member ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Murad exclaims, "I give you Singing Salvation!"

    Forged from a flame-touched alloy of the finest steel and gold, this blade exhibits a soft curve along its length, accentuated by a shallow groove carved into the metal. The narrow tang is encased by a grip of indigo leather in an intricate knotted pattern. Rounding off the grip is a round pommel fashioned from diamond, affording perfect balance to this masterfully crafted weapon.

    Lump of gold, fiery rose + ashes were components. I'd band it, if it wasn't an alt I haven't actually played since like 2013.

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