Rest in peace - Cobra

Dear Achaea,

  This is a quick note to let you all know that my name has been changed and I will no longer be known as Cobra.  

  As my 475 birthday came to an end I was re-named for a forth and hopefully final time to Rip.  I look forward to not being bugged and walking among you all as an equal instead of a buggy outcast.  Also my name has changed here in the Forums as I can no longer access my old account.  Bummer.



  • RipRip
    edited August 2013
     Thank you @Synbios, name changing is tragic in it's own way.  There are so many old post, descriptions in weapons, the Shadowsnake house is full with Cobra stuff not to mention my old buddies that won't know me right off the bat.  Oh well, I am happy to be bug free!

      Maybe I'll even stop signing my posts!!!

  • If it's any consolation, you're still you, albeit packaged up in a different nomenclaturic wrapper. Me, I've gone through so many extra-dimensional road trips that I'm me and not me at the same time. You are one lucky human.

  • I wondered what happened to cobra!! I was really depressed when I honoursed him and was such thing as cobra...what?! But he is one of my favorite people!

  • Under what circumstances can a permanent character have their name changed?
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  • @Saibel, @Exelethril,

      Yes I think you need a "Great Circumstance" these days to change your name, back in the day it wasn't exactly a problematic thing, albeit a bit frowned upon.  I don't think they (the Divine) like such requests.   As this is the outcome, but I only have the ONE character in Achaea and I am unwilling to stop being myself after so many years.  

      And yes, this was my last resort and apparently my only option for a life free of bugs.

      Yes indeed! - I was very fond of my old name Cobra as well and currently I am still getting used to my new one.  After 15 years of calling myself Cobra I am a bit stuck on it.  Ah well, please look for me as "Rip" now, my honours page is the same and I am still around.

      Thank you for your wisdom, deep in my core I am still me and you are still you.  I want to spread the word as to who I am so, no one suspects I had a name change to hide...That is not who I am.  I did this to fix my buggy character once and for all.  Oh, by the way, this wasn't a problem for me back in the day, it only became a problem when I actually wanted to play Achaea again after they re coded everything.  

      Ah well, that is all behind me now!  It's a new era for me!

  • Would be super cool if a tell or message worked the same way. No idea how easy that would be though.
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  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Yeah, I was quite saddened as well when I read the log about you (being forced into?) changing names. its like throwing a lot of history down the bin can. I don't know, I think another solution should have been possible if the problem was the pets.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • StrataStrata United States of Derp
    Namino said:
    Exclusive footage of Cobra getting his name changed:

    Actually, It went from Cobra to Kobra right in front of my eyes. Then Rip. Here is an actual log. This is trippy.

  • @Strata - Thanks for keeping this for prosperity sake.  What a freaking nightmare, one piece of advice for anyone - @Sarapis is NOT keen on negotiating.  Just take whatever he offers and go your own way with it! (by the way, Sarapis, I am totally banning myself from messaging you!)

    @Tecton - Thank you Tecton!  I had no idea you did this for me, I totally bugged it to Sarapis like a dork!  (hence why I am banning myself) Here I am thinking I am helping debug more errors and you are making awesome changes on my behalf!  Thank you so much! 

      I do apologize for the inconvenience and I am happy to hear that new players won't have this same problem.  

    @Shirszae - I wasn't really forced into it, it was basically my only viable option.  IF they did re work something for my name Cobra, I would be dealing with debugging probably my entire life. - So this is really the only way.

    @Vadimusues - Thank you for getting my svo package back to me ASAP!  You truly know what it means to support the product you are selling.  Nicely Done.

    @Namino - Thanks for the visual image.  That's pretty much how it was except I was crying and begging much much more.  Seriously, I had emotions I never felt before...messed up!

    @Jonners - That would be a stellar idea but I am not sure how that would go down.  Much earlier in this bug's phase I couldn't even receive tells so...let us all thank the divine for being understanding and reasonable.  

      I am still working on some new prefix and suffixes - If any of you have some good ones?  I had over a decade to work out Cobra's titles...Rip I am not sure how to go about it.  

    And I am going to resist signing this...! <- To whomever thought signing posts was outdated...

  • Brings a whole new meaning to the word 'ripped'.
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