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Help me choose a Class, House and City

RanagaenRanagaen Member Posts: 10
edited July 2013 in North of Thera
Hello, I am Ranagaen, a young Grook.

I have some experience in MUDs, I come from an other IRE game, but completely new to Achaea.
So eventhough I know most of the common commands, how things generally work, and such. I'm completely clueless about Achaea's classes, houses, map and world.

I enjoy a well populated house/guild, with good RP, engaging, a community. I would be very grateful for some mentorship about the game, but mostly in regards about game knowledge. How to better use the class skills, good hunting areas, how to do the House duties, etc...

Which Class, House and City do you recommend?

Also, since you guys know the world and its history better. What would be a good RP idea to follow the class/house/city selection?

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  • RanagaenRanagaen Member Posts: 10
    edited July 2013
    I am currently a Monk. Having more fun than when I tried a Jester.

    The problem of exploring the world without a House is that you miss all the help, community, tasks, and goals a House provides.

    I understand your answer, it is hard to recommend something so personal to somebody else. Feel free to ask me anything to get a feel for what I might like.

    Being Houseless feels solitary, but I don't want to jump into the first house that sounds fun, it feels like a decision made without proper information.
    I could be joining a House that is inactive, low populated, doesn't have common goals or RP. And then I wouldn't be enjoying Achaea as much as I could.
  • RanagaenRanagaen Member Posts: 10
    I have little interest in PvP combat, does that mean I shouldn't join a House in War?

    I have never done PvP in other IRE games because I have never been in the top experience levels. Maybe I like it but I need to progress first.

    About Mojushai, what does "bash and relax" mean. Not sure what you mean with relax.

    Most suggestions are very interesting so far.
  • RanagaenRanagaen Member Posts: 10
    Thanks so much for your replies.

    So can I join Mojushai to learn the tropes and eventually if necessary move to a more War-like House? Should I?

    Or should I start already in Malhdor?
  • RanagaenRanagaen Member Posts: 10

    If you want a great RP environment and a sense of purpose, Ebon Fist in Mhaldor.

    What is that purpose Ebon Fist have?

    Now that I think of it, that is something big that was missing so far in my IRE experience. A sense of purpose.
    A purpose that goes beyond raising in the ranks of the House/Guild and helping people inside the House/Guild.

    This is very interesting.
  • RanagaenRanagaen Member Posts: 10
    No one will hear of me again?

    ... Guuulps
  • RanagaenRanagaen Member Posts: 10
    edited July 2013
    So if I understand correctly, my two options are Mojushai and Mhaldor.

    Mojushai is pacific, relaxing and a calm way to learn by mostly interacting with the House and the environment.

    Mhaldor is brutal, exciting and a harder way of learning by having to prove yourself against other players.

    One being an easy-going fun time. The other being potentially frustrating but also rewarding.

    Or in other words. Mhaldor are attackers; Mojushai are defenders.
  • TeshaTesha Member Posts: 3,005 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I look forward to meeting you! Targossas is the new city of Good, and we have not really had many novices around, so you are likely going to get lots of attention and help. If you ever need anything, ask on CT and someone will help you out. I will catch you myself one of these days and check in on you. :)

     i'm a rebel

  • RanagaenRanagaen Member Posts: 10
    Looking forward to it Tesha
  • SynbiosSynbios Member Posts: 4,634 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    @Kron: Curiously - and totally not related to me being an junior novice-grinderaide to our novice-grinderAmbassador, what influenced you to pick Targossas?

  • KronKron Member Posts: 13
    edited August 2013
    @Synbios: Targossas being a new city, isn't as established as the old ones. Which gives me the opportunity to be part of changes, interesting RP quickly, and grow with the city.

    So far the aide has been fantastic. Twice I have been gathered with fellow younglings and they have explained us the world, how to do things, and the city. Multiple higher ranks have stopped me to give me vials, tattoos, advice, information or a quick party hunt. Without asking. Just as a form of Hello and comradery.

    A few months back I tried a character in Cyrene, and eventhough I am fully aware each experience is very particular and depends on who you cross and when, plus I had more to learn back then. I have a bigger sense of purpose now, and have met a lot more fellow citizens and even higher ranks very quickly.

    I feel part of the city, valuable and with a common goal. Instead of bashing to get strong enough to start to be noticed. On the contrary, city RP is getting on the way of bashing hahahaa
  • ZukoZuko Member Posts: 730 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    Ranagaen said:

    If anybody is interested I joined Targossas. I was recommended to start fresh, instead of with a 25 year old character. Simpler history and the advantages of a new character.

    So I joined as Kron, a Human Monk in Targossas.

    Thank you everybody for all the help and advice!
    @kron I am so happy that you have joined us here in Targossas! I look forward to training you as you show great motivation and potential!

  • KronKron Member Posts: 13
    @Zuko Thanks! Looking forward to it
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