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  • Magi, because fire and lightning and such sounded pretty cool.


    Stayed magi for the RP. Them rituals. :)


    Played a few throwaway alts, to try other things, but I've never got them to stick.

  • Serpent because I like to shoot things with arrows, but my favorite class was Apostate. I miss eating hearts

  • All classes because I'm indecisive.

  • I read all the class descriptions during the Trial (or at least skimmed them) and couldn't decide between Serpent and Magi. On one hand, I've always liked archery and a class that specialized in stealth appealed to me greatly. On the other hand, Magi had crystals and crystals are cool-looking. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that probably my reasons for liking Serpent were a little better.

    This is also how I decided between mhun and atavian, except in that case it was speed vs. cool-looking wings & better artwork.
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  • I first made a serpent because one of my school friends introduced me to the game and was a Shadowsnake. I made a small army of novices that didn't get past Guild rank 2 or level 50 and took a break for four or five years.

    When I started playing again, I made a novice and was intending to make a serpent, but I got distracted by seeing blademaster in the class list.
    Switched to monk because I just didn't get combat and blademasters that know anything useful were sparse. I still didn't get combat, but learning "break legs, bbt" is easier than learning "break legs while trying to circumvent parry, run away a bit, hinder, impale, bladetwist, hinder, etc, etc".
    Switched to bard because I needed to know what I was talking about when newbies asked questions. Hunting is amazing, but I still dont get combat and bard doesn't feel like a forgiving place to be.
  • Serpent because there's more stuff to do outside of bashing and PvP. I've lately been considering a change to infernal to serve under Lord Xenomorph (All hail Lord Xenomorph) but I have other obligations in the Naga.
  • All the classes

  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    I originally went druid because I wanted to play a forestal, but sylvan sounded boring. Then I went serpent because it sounded cool. It was pretty cool, but I was a terrible serpent. So I went magi, but my first character was magi for roughly 6 years and I got bored, so I went bard. I loved bard. I started learning about shaman and fell in love with it and the relatively undeveloped (for the world outside of the Spiritwalkers) RP. At some point after I left the Warlocks, I wanted to get back into elemental RP so I went magi. I've been that ever since, but am considering going back to shaman because I liked it more than magi.

    tl;dr: I've changed class based mostly on what RP I've found more interesting.
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  • Blademaster because

  • As a young, young girl I was a druid cause nature :x :x
    But failed the test and was kicked out of the Guild  =((

    Went magi because yay elements, but also failed that test and went dormant, =((

    Few years later went some Ashtani Serpent but got hit on. Immediately alted to a Dawnstrider because i wanted to be a serpent,all that spying and stuff sounded cool. Passed a few tests before being hit on and went dormant again.

    Came back as Tenna, a Sylvan in the Sentinel House because yay elements AND nature! Double win! then changed to Runewarden because Rangor was one at the time and he is soooooooo cool. However there was a test server that opened up for a brief time which you could just completely wreak havoc and I wanted to try out Apostate and burn some forest but noone would teach me Necromancy.

     So I made a Apostate alt and ended up just loving the class and the Congregation. Such a serious atmosphere in Mhaldor compared to the stupidity of Eleusis suited me to a tee. It was also a good outlet for my darker side without having to be overly emo IRL and write bad poetry etc.

     I've been Sylvan again on Tahquil due to necessaity of having to cure some affliction every time I struck out at something. Then Bard cause Mathonwy was. Then apostate again when I was cured and sure I wasn't going to get excommed. 

    I'll stay alchemist a while, the sciency stuff I loves it, and there is a lot of room to grow and make things up as I go along.
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    I chose serpent because it seemed cool, and I always pick assassin/thief in any game that has the option. Being an Evil serpent also seemed fun (I planned to join Mhaldor/Naga during the trial), but the rl person who got me to join convinced me not to. Haven't ever changed class and not planning to.
  • I chose my class (Alchemist) mostly for the transmutation, but also because i've always liked the idea of alchemy.
  • Druids have crazy utility. Best choice for non-coms like me!

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  • I am a Priest to have some company.
  • Druid always seemed really interesting and from a combat point of view, amazingly flexible and powerful. Now as I've played a bit I have found that this is not entirely true, but I still have a blast playing as one. Too many druids just go for the maul/meteor/incinerate, but I've found the actual freezepound setup can be a lot of fun, though it is a little bit difficult to get going and though it is not entirely viable on it's own, the flexibility of hydra combat has made it very fun to explore and play around with. It has also allowed for a lot of RP, and harvesting. So much gold.
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  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
    Chose Priest as a newbie because it was easy to survive and learn basic combat strategy. Stayed Priest because there were so few Priests that had any combat interest, and Cyrene needed some.

    Went Paladin because roleplay honestly demanded it in a Knight House, I'd just been ignoring and mitigating that fact for the reasons, above.
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  • I was a Serpent 4 lyfe.

    But then I went dormant for a while and couldn't keep up with combat anymore so I went magi to fight in slow motion.

    The end.

  • I first picked monk because that's what I generally played as in RP type settings (like D&D).  Wound up in a house that only pretended to have RP, but I made do with it and fell in love with the whole system so I stuck around.  Achaea monks have all kinds of delicious flavor, though it seems that the houses largely miss using that these days that I've seen.  Their combat is boatloads of fun at least.
  • Sabien said:
    Blademaster because

  • I picked Blademaster, I like the warrior type and I like swords.
  • I picked Sentinel and have been it ever since. When I first started to play I wass torn between being a druid or serpentlord. I looked through hours of scrolls and then I seen it a Sentinel. I went through the scrolls and I realized that this was the class for me! I had fallen in love. The Sentinel house is amazing and express freedom and a close community and that was exactly what I wanted. 
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    Bard because it was a neutral class in terms of the good vs. evil vs. chaos thing.  And I was too loud to be a serpent, too elegant for jester, and not creepy enough for shaman.

    And the most important reason was that it was like the only class that used only one rapier...  XD
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  • I chose Paladin because my brother, who had spent ages trying to get me to try Achaea, suggested it, and the vague description he gave made it sound cool. If I'd started playing a few RL years later, and had read through all of the classes to choose one myself, I likely would have chosen Infernal instead.
  • My first character was a druid, but I ended up going dormant and it was suicided, because I couldn't really speak a word english.

    I'm not sure if that's improved at all!

    Dodder said:
    My first character was a druid, but I ended up going dormant and it was suicided, because I couldn't really speak a word english.

    I'm not sure if that's improved at all!

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