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Riding ReWork



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    Lynara said:
    Taraus said:
    Actually, on the topic of riding, I'd like to see other stuff added for flavour and flair. Not useful in combat, but in terms of 'showing off' with a mount.

    Stuff like...


    Carefully balanced upon (his|her) steed, Rider tugs back on the bridle, causing (mount) to rear back in an intimidating display.


    A (mount) begins to high-step and prance, Rider controlling the playful dance by tugging expertly on the reins.

    or (for winged/flying mounts)

    With a prompt from Rider, a (mount) suddenly unfurls it's massive wings in a showy flourish.

    emote (With a prompt from,) $mountID suddenly unfurls it's massive wings in a showy flourish.

    Now. Cos everything that exists needs GMCP added. Can we get 'mounted' added to gmcp tags? Or is it already a tag? Y'know, like the 'l' and 'L' attributes for wielded left/right... we could get something like 'R' or 'M' for something you are currently riding?

    Would have to do it so that you only got that attribute if you were the one riding it, or could see the person mounting/dismounting (e.g. people with clarity/lifevision if it's being ridden by a shrouded person).
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