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Svo profile

TarkanianTarkanian Member Posts: 254 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
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Scenario: I usually play in different internet cafes, hence, my system is saved in an email draft. Normally, I would download everything, install stuff, play, and then upload the stuff that i changed.

Question: How can I make it so that my Svo settings are saved? I understand that Save Profile As saves only the triggers, aliases, etc, not Svo settings like mconfig duanathar on, etc. So far, I use the same profile and have to do vinstall everytime I play.

Thanks in advance!


  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,130 @ - Epic Achaean
    To transfer Svo settings, copy the ~/.config/mudlet/<profile>/svo folder - and ~ is your home folder, to your new computer before you load the Svo profile.
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